Web Designer Sacramento

Google is the most powerful search engine. It gives importance to websites with authority which comes from the target audience. The more the user interacts with a website, the more the website is authoritative. To say precisely, user-centered websites rank high on the index of authority and are search engine friendly as well. Only themes or templates with user-friendly features make authoritative websites. In this article, I have focused on the importance of navigability, accessibility and usability of a website for user friendliness.

Usability of a website depends on the visibility of the website. Here visibility refers to vital design elements like navigation points which make a website usable to a great extent. Improving the visibility of the navigation menu is one of the simple ways to optimize websites for the user. Enhanced visibility drives users to act on the website by hitting the navigation menu. It is equally important for distinct viewing of search box, one of the doors leading to the interior of a website. Most of the first-time visitors who are clueless about which category or categories they should explore to find out the pages or articles of their choice use the search bar for ease and efficiency. Evidently, visibility of search bar and navigation menu is of great account in terms of design. It not only grabs the user attention but also signals them to explore websites. A professional designer can design web pages with highly visible and visually strong elements.

The proper order of breadcrumbs determines the usability of a website. It is one of the great features of a user-centered website. With an order of breadcrumbs in place guiding users from the home page to inner pages and vice versa, they are not required to memorize the way throughout the website. It will not burden their memories with such an additional load. Rather, it will ease their navigation from the home page to any other page and back to the home page without any hitch in the process. Without breadcrumbs in place, users are forced to remember their way from one page to another. The lack of breadcrumbs or poor breadcrumb order reduces usability of a website to a great extent. The order of breadcrumbs must be planned and designed deliberately. Only an experienced web design professional can perform this task precisely.

The usability of a website also depends on accessibility of information about the product or service that the website offers. The menu bar and the search box are the most important mediums of accessibility, in case of websites. Sitemap is another medium of accessibility. It is more useful for search engine bots than for human users. Search engine bots track the pages of a website from the sitemap. If the sitemap is not properly designed and developed, search engine bots may find it difficult to track and index the inner pages. Apart from the sitemap, the page content must be designed keeping in view the user’s convenience. The content areas of service or product pages must be designed in a user-friendly way so that the user finds it easy to digest the information. Professional web designers make sure to leave no issue with accessibility of websites.