Web Designer Sacramento

There is a thin line of difference between beauty and ugliness in web design. A website may be beautiful to many and ugly to a few. If a website is ugly to many and beautiful to only a few, there is some issue with the website design for sure. You may think that beauty and ugliness of web design are all about an individual user’s perception or viewpoint. Beauty of web design plays no less important role in defining the user experience. Many equal usability to user experience. Beauty of webdesign and website usability, are not the same things but they are equally important for great user experience.

Like CSS and PHP, design and usability are the two sides of a coin. A fast-loading website with technically precise features but designed in odd colors and unsuitable fonts is likely to repel users. Great user experience is achieved through combination of good interface design and usability. Neither of these two essentials can achieve it if one is treated with more importance than the other.

To say in brief about usability, it is about user-centered design. Only user-centric design makes a user-friendly website. It is the website whose features including navigation are conceptualized and planned keeping both target audience and common users in mind. When users log in to the website, they must be self-guided. They must easily find out what they are looking for. They must get to know what the website is all about, what it provides, how to navigate the site, etc. They need not search for the call to action or any specific navigation tab.

Loading speed, an important aspect of usability, is associated with design too. The better the design, the faster the loading. Integration of multimedia features and installation of plugins influence the loading speed of websites, which in turn impacts their business online. Loading speed is one of the most important parameters of user friendliness of websites. All it depends on the layout design which may be either light or heavy. A website can be light in weight and fast in loading if a few simple measures are adopted, for example, compression of images, and clearing of cache, use of not too many plugins, minified JavaScript and reliable hosting service.

The opinions about usability and visual beauty are divided when it comes to user interface or home page design. Some web design professionals prefer to make the user interface as beautiful as possible ignoring the aspects of usability. Other web designers give more emphasis to usability than visual beauty. Neither of these two groups of web design professionals is right in their approach. Usability and visual beauty must be balanced in user interface or home page design as a wholesome experience.

A different approach towards defining the usability and visual beauty of user interface can distinguish a website from other websites in its niche. I would like to offer my exclusive web design services and years of experience to define and design your vision of a beautiful website with great usability.