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Blogging is a hobby, a professional activity, an inbound marketing strategy and a link-building practice. Ask me, what not blogging is. Whatever the purpose is, it cannot be successful without visitors and subscribers. Subscription to your blog is a parameter to measure the impact and popularity of the blog. How to get subscribers is a vital question. That is why; I am sharing with you some useful tips on how to get subscribers for your blog.

Blogging is a regular activity, unlike business tour a month or holiday tour a year. Blogging is a spontaneous flow of your thoughts, ideas, experiences and observations as well. So, frequency matters. Why do visitors become subscribers, if your blog has nothing to offer them on a regular basis? Regular visitors would definitely not like to see the same updates every day. Higher blogging frequency fetches in more visitors that, in turn, gets you more subscribers.

Why not get a landing page to promote your blog subscription? You might wonder that there is already a “Subscribe” tab on the homepage of your blog; then why I am recommending a landing page. Present subscription to your blog as a landing page where visitors from across the web land on. Otherwise, it is difficult to direct visitors to the Subscribe tab on the right hand side of your blog. Landing page is a promising effort to convert visitors into subscribers.

Tips – The landing page needs to be designed and customized professionally. If it is meant as the gateway to subscribe to your blog, it must have magnet-like quality. The landing page should incorporate its basic components or features. Knowing the landing page design tips helps.

Needless to say, social media is a good referral. Promote subscription to your blog on social media. Leverage the collective potentiality of your social media profiles to the max for this purpose. Share the link of the subscription landing page across social networking and professional networking platforms. Don’t forget to leave the link of the subscription landing page on the Facebook fan page of your blog.

Don’t sniff at email marketing. If you have a huge database of email contacts, email marketing will prove to be a boost to the subscription of your blog. It is an effective marketing method to get you subscribers from among your contacts.  How does email marketing work? What is the key to email marketing? The strength of email marketing lies in the way you write the message to your contacts.

Tips – If you are serious about the email marketing to boost the subscription of your blog, do make sure to get the text of the email written by a professional content writer. Professional content writing service is of great help in this respect.  Share with your contacts the links of the most popular posts on your blog through emails.  If possible, get the email designed and customized; after all, presentation matters.