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Change is a symbol of life, and a sign of vitality. Change in design is the key to survival for websites. With the consistent evolution of the web world, new website design trends and techniques emerge every year. What changes will be implemented in design in the year 2014 is the talk of the web world. Five of the upcoming website design trends are discussed below:

Scrolling of long web pages

Mobile device users have got into the habit of scrolling websites rather than navigating websites. With limited space of mobile device screens, they find it easy to scroll the pages of websites and read all the content. Scrolling of long web pages with lots of design and content may irritate the readers with a short span of attention. Long pages of websites with sophisticated design and relevant content for easy scrolling may stand good chances to click with mobile device users in 2014.

Single page Website Design

The number of single product or service websites is multiplying day by day. It is because single page websites are easy to scroll and maintain. Scrolling is the simplest way of navigation which is sheer complex for multi-page websites with dozens of interconnecting links. The increasing number of mobile device users is the target of single page design which is more focused, interactive and trendy than full-fledged websites. No doubt, single page website design is on the list of web design trends 2014.

Flat user Interface Design

Websites with flat user interface will be more in trend, in the year 2014. Professional designers have already started implementing this emerging web design trend which entails the use of minimal design elements to leave no space for distraction of attention. Designs with rounded corners, big gradients and drop shadows are giving way to flat user interface. Websites with less image-intensive design is faster in loading. Websites with flat UI load easily on mobile devices even when the mobile Internet connection is slow. Apple’s latest mobile iOS7 and Windows 8 have flat user interface.

Large and clear font types

A need to make web text more easily readable by increasing the standard size of fonts in compliance with the high-resolution interfaces of websites has surfaced in last few years. Reading of texts with 12 point font is easy on low-resolution screens. Headings and subheadings with large and clear fonts are more interactive as well as catching. Large headers drive readers’ interest to go through the full text. The Internet users who are fast readers can easily catch a glimpse of the text if the font size is large.

Large background image design

Large background images are back in trend. It is no more distracting as it used to be looked down upon in the past. Besides, it is no longer an issue with the loading of websites, in present times of 3G Internet connection. With the increasing use of visuals as a visually appealing and attention grabbing design feature, website owners are opting for large background images, particularly in such niches as fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, etc. Evidently, large background image design will loom large on the list of web design trends 2014.