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An interactive website and an informative website are not the same. Relevant subject oriented content makes websites informative ones, while it is a set of features that makes a health care agency website interactive for target groups. But a medical website or health care portal must be informative and interactive at the same time. In-depth content contributes to the SEO value and interactive features add to the user experience of websites in the healthcare niche. If the former fetches in visitors from search engines and social media to a website, the latter lets them interact with the website and explore it further. Such websites are needed to make healthcare services in United States accessible online.

Content is a great feature of interactivity that can be attributed to a medical information website by integrating a news & article database to it. You can serve the community of patients by offering useful healthcare tips to them and educating them on the symptoms of ailments through researched medical articles from experts. The point of navigation to the news & article database must be designed and displayed in contrast to the user interface so that visitors can easily notice it and navigate their way to the database. Add it to your checklist of design features for a health care website.

The font size of texts should be relatively bigger making it easy to read for elderly patients. All your visitors must not necessarily be in the age group of 20 to 40 years. Some of them may be older and with eyesight problems. They will be able to interact with your health care agency website in Virginia only if the text is effortlessly readable. Evidently, font size is an interactive design feature.

Newsletter sign-up or subscription box is another unavoidable feature of interactivity to be integrated to the user interface of healthcare websites. It is useful for those who cannot manage to visit a website and check updates on a daily basis. By means of the subscription or newsletter sign-up feature, they can receive daily updates of the website for a week in a consolidated format. It is too common a feature to be introduced newly. What matters is the design of this feature to the interactivity level of websites of health care services in United States.

A custom search box is a highly interactive feature of any website in any niche. It provides effortless navigation to any page of a website. Especially senior care or elderly care websites must integrate this feature. It is not wise to try the patience of elderly visitors or especially those who are patients. The content of any page of a user-friendly website should be at a click’s way. Otherwise, exploring a medical website with a huge reservoir of content will require them to spend much time and put in great effort, which puts the website in bad books of visitors. The checklist of a medical information website’s user-friendly design feature must include a custom search box.