Web Designer Sacramento

Are you contemplating a new user interface for your website by switching to a new theme? Not a bad idea! It would be an informed decision and you will benefit from it if the theme is responsive. Switching to a theme that lacks responsive design is an absolutely wrong step towards betterment of a business website in particular. It will negatively affect the conversion level and ROI goals the most.

Hiring a professional web designer to get a responsive or liquid theme designed for your website is the right approach. It will make your website distinctly visible to the user across multiple platforms of different screen sizes. Millions of people browse ecommerce websites, listing portals and news magazines on their smartphones. Businesses are zeroing in on optimization of their websites for smartphones, to catch up with this section of audience whose number is increasing day by day.

Monotony of the look and feel is a great mistake that your website has to pay for at a point of time. Do step into the shoes of your target audience, and feel how much they detest the stagnant interface of your website. Do just think of yourself. Don’t you hate monotony after a certain period of time? We make a yearly trip to some getaway with family or friends for a change in day-to-day life. Similarly, it applies to the audience of your website.

The only solution to keep a website fresh in look and feel is to improve the usability from time to time by integrating the latest features. If yours is a WordPress website, it can be done by installing the latest plugin or widget to accentuate usability for the user. WordPress keeps adding new plugins to its database. Or, go for website redesign for a change. Website redesign is a big step. If you are not comfortable taking such a big decision just for a change in the interface of your website, a few tweaks in the look and feel will work.

Another mistake that many website owners usually make is regarding the design and placement of call to actions. Call to action must be harmonious with the content / subject matter of a webpage or landing page. Suppose, you have published a very interesting piece of news on your professional or company blog, but the call to action is not provocative enough to encourage sharing of the news across social media. Or, if the landing page of a unique product does not have a powerful call to action, it will help little with conversion.

The most recommended solution to this great mistake is to experiment with the design of call to actions for your website. A professional graphics designer with updated knowledge of online customer behavior can master this work meticulously. I have emphasized the importance of call to action design for conversions, in some of my previous articles.

No mistake is a mistake if it has a solution or solutions. If there is any issue with the design of your business website affecting conversion of visitors, let’s discuss how to fix.