Social Media strategy for Professionals

Social Media strategy

Social media marketing and management is a process which continues to evolve. It requires an insightful strategy, which varies from niche to niche. The very first thing to know is how to frame a social media strategy for professionals. Here is a quick guide on how to plan a social media strategy in a few steps.

All it takes to craft a  strategy for professionals is a purpose. The goal to be achieved through the execution of the strategy depends on the purpose. A strategy for personal branding or social media marketing for any professional cannot be formulated without a specific purpose. Do decide on a purpose, first.

Once a purpose is decided on, define a medium of social media content. It can be textual or visual. It can be a brief copy or an image or a video clip. Choose a suitable medium according to your group of audience. Or, a social media strategy for you can be planned around and executed through a mix of multiple mediums. The level of audience engagement varies depending on the mediums of social media content.

Once a medium or a miscellany of mediums is chosen, decide on the tone of social media content. The right tone plays instrumental to help professionals reach out to a maximum audience across social media channels. The improper tone may reduce the impact of the strategy. The tone may be funny or serious or newsy depending on your niche and audience. If you are a media professional, the newsy tone suits your social media strategy. The funny tone best suits social media strategies for performers, travelers, foodies and lifestyle professionals.

Research is an integral part of any social media strategy for any professional. It does always help a lot. Do some homework on the best social media marketing practices in present times in order to stay relevant and contemporary. Knowing the best social media practices in a specific niche helps to execute a social media strategy most effectively in the niche. With current practices with far-reaching effect in place, professionals can get the best of social media to their benefit.

There is a social media clock for every professional and in every niche. The strategy should be executed on a regular basis, according to its clock. Knowing at what time of the day a maximum of your audience come online helps to regulate the gravity of social media posts. People consume content of varying gravity at different times of the day. Do also decide on the frequency of posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. A specific number of posts should be channelized across social media on a daily or regular basis.

Once the execution of a strategy for a professional is on the go over a span of time, evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy and the performance of posts on the basis of specific measures or metrics. The statistics help to overhaul the social media strategy for a wider reach and better results at the next phase.


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