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Much has been written about social media, its use for brand promotion and marketing. Social media is ‘this’! Social media is ‘that’! Social media is an all-in-one platform and for everyone. It is about ‘how’, not about ‘if’. It has something for everyone from an organization to an individual. Everyone from a student to a CEO has space in this dynamic virtual world. It is as important for an individual to catch up with friends as for professionals to look for opportunities on social media. This post is about those who make the most and get the best of social media in their respective niches and for their own purposes.

Social media for relationship development

Online relationship development with clients and customers had begun with emailing. Emailing is passé in the present social media times. Social media is the latest and most dynamic platform to develop and continue online relationship with potential customers and existing customers. It is not unjust to call social media an online relationship management tool considering the level of engagement and interaction that social media promises.

Social media has gone mobile improving the possibility of multiplying sales opportunities. Social media majors, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn, have joined the bandwagon. These are sales driving platforms where engagement of potential customers through interaction is the key to business development.

Social media for HR professionals

Social media offers lots of usability for HR professionals, too. For the hiring professionals of organizations, social media is a tool to find out talents for vacant positions and enrich their in-house human resources. Recruiters mostly frequent LinkedIn and browse the profiles of professionals in their niches. Also, they look for talents with the required set of skills in various communities on Facebook. Social media gives HR professionals real-life insights into the profiles of potential candidates.

Social media for PR professionals

Social media is the Mecca for PR professionals. As social media plays instrumental in online relationship management of companies and brands, PR professionals use social media as a tool to create, improve and maintain the image of their clients. They promote events, market products, share business profiles, and do B2C as well as B2B marketing on social media for their clients. They build relations with reporters, journalists and editors of print and online publications on social media. Thus, social media helps them drive positive brand perception for clients.

Social media for writers    

Social media rocks for bloggers and online journalists. Bloggers from different fields look for story ideas and information in their respective niches. No doubt, their purpose is best served on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest where unlimited materials and information of various types are shared every day. It is easy locate sources of stories, ideas and information on social media than on any other platform online. Journalists too, exploit social media in quest of new ideas and new stories and press releases for their e-publications like magazines and news portals. They locate and interact with guest bloggers to get them involved in their publications.