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A great part of marketing for eCommerce businesses is done on social media. With the increasing user base of leading social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, eCommerce businesses are trying every possible means to get the most of their presence on the social space. With the competition level is escalating to touch a new height every day, social media marketing needs a more strategic, focused and powerful approach. Here are three tips on social media marketing of eCommerce businesses to share with you:

Social media data analysis

Social media marketing for eCommerce businesses is a customer focused and target oriented practice. If the target is at the focal point, the jackpot will surely be hit. The data on where the target audience comes from, how the followers interact with posts, age-groups of the repeated audience, sharing and virality of posts needs to be analyzed from different angles. Analysis of the data helps decide on SMM strategies for eCommerce businesses.

Tip – Such tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insight help track the stats on the above-mentioned factors. You may miss some vital points, if you do it yourself.  Only a social media marketing expert can give you an index to the social media influence of your eCommerce businesses.

Product video marketing

Product videos go viral faster than images across social media channels. Video is a moving, dynamic image. It offers views of a product from various angles engaging the target audience with the product in no time. Videos are popular sales agents online these days. Video marketing is no longer limited to YouTune and other video sharing platforms. Videos can be embedded to any social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Product video marketing is the most SMM  strategy to get the best of your eCommerce businesses on social media.

Tip – Product videos should be edited to suit the time limit, allotted by YouTube and other video sharing websites. Social media videos must be tagged with your eCommerce businesses brand name and product names as keywords so that the videos get noticed among top search results on the keywords used by target audience. Make sure to consult a social media marketing professional on this front.

Get audience interested in your products

Your social media fans and followers may not be interested in your products. Don’t be hurt. There are indirect ways to pique their interest in the products that your eCommerce businesses portal offers. Suppose, you own a gift portal or gift e-store. The virtual market houses many gift stores, in present times.  Why should the target audience feel drawn to your products only? Yes they will be if you offer something additional of good use other than products. Try the idea of offering birthday gift items with some exclusive birthday greeting messages.

Tip – There is no limit to such powerful social media marketing ideas which need to be brainstormed. While juggling with offline marketing mediums, you may not have the time and patience, required for brainstorming sessions. Social media marketing analysts can better pursue this practice for you, based on their study of your eCommerce businesses, niche, target audience, etc.