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What’s the most important element in your business for its web presence? Your web site! without a doubt. As a small business owner your website or business blog will be your most prized possession. As it acts as a doorway for your new prospect 24 X 7. It acts as a descriptive business card where your online visitors get to know about your establishment. But does your website have the right elements that will provide the niche to achieve its goal.

To have a website you need some real ground work before getting one developed. In today’s time every other small business have a website or a business blog, so, you’re intelligent planning will help you to compete online and stand out from the crowd. I would like to suggest the following 7 Points for your reference to cross-check for your existing website or use as a check list for your upcoming website that you would like to develop or redesign

Before you begin!

First thing first, define your purpose for the web presence. Set up some target that you need to achieve at a continual basis. Based on those target improvise your online business model and do your home work well, before getting in touch with a professional to start off.

Get your website developed

Keeping your target and flow of your website in mind you can start off with the website development.

Logical naming of navigational element is vital to avoid any confusion and the most important is the content that it contains. Like a Contact us page or a Opt-In form acts as a great source of fresh leads and potential customers, Testimonial section often gives confidence to your prospects, so choose your words well, without being verbose.

If you have an existing website, re-evaluate its structure and navigational flow. Work-out some content optimization, if not all then at-least the home page, as this page gets the max hits.

Setup your business Blog

Time to get active…. Without any logical reason and on some or the other pretext I have seen many business owners shy away from posting articles to their blog.

Why blog is a vital factor to your online presence?
It actually shows others your confidence on your professional domain which in turns helps to build confidence. It acts as a great platform to announce your new service or products and make your presence felt.

As more and more people searches for information online, your blog can be of great interest if it’s being kept updated on a continuous basis. This not only helps to retain online visitors but also makes search engines happy.

With a site that filled with specific information and a blog that’s being kept constantly updated with new and updated information, you can feel the growth in traffic and also prospects reaching out for you.

Gets some startup SEO therapy

Choose your words well and play around with the text contents with reference to your business . Optimize your graphical contents. Make sure your site is using valid HTML/CSS as per W3C recommendation. Rewrite the title tag, alt tags etc. In other words you need to micro-optimize your site as much as possible.

You don’t need to pay a huge fee for any SEO for your site, keep certain elements in mind while you get your site developed, it will show good results.

Go for a Newsletter Campaign

Getting prospects sign up for a newsletter and mailing them on weekly or monthly basis on your new products or services and keeping them updated helps you in retaining and creating new customers. This also helps you to build your brand. By the medium of newsletter you actually reach out to your prospect other than your prospect coming to you.

Though this point is optional, as have a newsletter in your website totally depends on the nature of your business and your clientele.

Setup few Social media accounts that suits your business profile

Well this is a current buzz and it’s here to stay for long…. As its not only a point of interest for teens or young’s, but people of all age group, all communities, professional, business house, corporate, just name it. It helps you to build your core group of interest. So, once you post a note, its acts as a micro-blog and all your contacts gets the update. Since it runs on a networking flow so, penetration of your comments or post is vast. This not only helps you to reach out to people or prospects whom you may not know, but the best part is that it’s free and effective.

Be a professional but be YOU first!

Do imitate others and follow their path. If you are building your business online, then just be YOU, what YOU are and follow your own principle and business model that you have formulated for your online business. Live every successful blog or on line business have something unique that make you separate from the crowd. This will show result at the end.

Feel free to suggest or comment on this, and if you want me to be a part of your next assignment, let me know … I am always a click away from YOU! 🙂