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And now we are beginning to explore the not-so-new world of social networks. Social media is a very vast term, with years it has evolved and it’s no longer a scrapping, sharing or tagging application. Rather you can manipulate the way you want to use it for your business model, though few has a brand that they want their users to interact on some predefined goal(s). But the bottom line is, they all enable you to put forward and share your point of view among your Friends, Peers, Potential Customers, Groups, etc.

Now all what matters is how you dig in or drill down and spread your message to your potential clients and above all, how to build a large network of your target audiences. Though it’s an art in itself and you need to take calculated risk if you want to avoid getting labeled as spammer. So, the best way is get in there and let your potential customers find you, well that’s possible with proper planning and techniques. Which is in-fact a simple three basic steps:

First, get an optimized and quality website designed and developed, that will act as your branding media for your potential customers 24×7.Content type should be what your visitors want to read, not what you want to tell, in order to keep their interest on your website. The toughest part is the design layout, where, in maximum scenarios, a layout is designed based on customers liking and not on the liking of their customers. Make your site simple and elegant, not a Christmas tree.

Second, have a good search engine optimization for your website, with reference to its text content. Check if you site is having any W3C validation errors, in case if it has once, get that rectified. Create a Blog section where you can post articles on regular intervals. Submit your site to various search engines, directories, blogs and get involve in link exchanges, and there are quite a few more process involved. Bottom-line; spread the word to maximum possible way.

Third, open social media accounts with all the major sites and also those which are more favorable in your way of business. Start posting your articles and links from time to time in all of them, and gradually you will get the visibility among other members. You may add quite a few known people to start with, that can also help you in your pursuit.

Though it’s a fact that, all the above items takes some time to materialize but you get result at the end of the day.

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