Web Designer Sacramento

Who does not need an independent identity online? I think of this question for individual professionals who are known for their talents in different niches. Website is the most recommended platform to project your talent and build your identity online. You may argue why a website when there is Facebook and Facebook page can be created as one’s profile.

You are right somewhat. Facebook page benefits in terms of online advertising and social media marketing, while a website works to get you noticed in the search world. A website is like a set of outfits, while Facebook page is like an accessory. If you don’t want to go for a full-fledged, multi-page website, single page website design is a cost-effective alternative for you.

Single page website is more than an alternative if its growing popularity is considered. Single page WordPress templates make lightweight, fast-downloading, easy-to-manage and user-friendly websites. It is a small investment compared to the cost of multi-page website development. Individuals can easily manage single page websites without help from any external source. What better advantage do you need other than this?

Surveys on Internet users’ behavior reveal that the current generation spends more time browsing news portals and eCommerce websites than other web platforms. As your personal website has nothing to do with product selling or news storytelling, a multi-page website will help you little. It is an informed decision to have a single page website design for a more personal purpose as it does not require the user to flip from one page to the other.

Websites with full screen imagery are in vogue these days, and single page design has better captured this trend. Today’s users in the age bracket of 15-35 years are prone to get drawn to glossy pictures. The consistently improved image sharing feature of Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest and Picasa has ushered in a new era of image-loving netizens. Evidently, single page websites with full screen imagery click with this section of the users at the first go.

Are you worried over how a single page website can have a blog? The problem itself is a solution to relieve you from the worry. Single page WordPress templates can easily integrate a blog. Make sure to specify the integration of a blog section to your upcoming single page website to the developer. Installation of the blog on WordPress makes it easy to be updated, modified, edited, managed and maintained. A click-able icon of the blog can be displayed either at the top or at the bottom of the page.

Mobile friendliness of single page web designs is a must mention to convince you why you should choose a single page website over a multi-page website. Being a single-page platform such websites are free from complex navigation structure, anchor texts, menu of categories which make browsing a little difficult on mobile devices. Evidently, single page websites are extremely mobile user friendly.

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