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Why should you have a single page website while your friend or rival has a large website with lots of pages? Don’t count the number of pages – one or one hundred. Rather, do focus on your requirement, purpose and budget. A single page website can work a lot for you if you are not planning to launch a news portal or e-magazine. The rest of the article will tell you why you must not follow your friend or rival.

Smooth journey

Labyrinth or straight drivewaywhich one do you prefer? Do think of the answer from a user’s viewpoint. Definitely, the latter.  One-page navigation is simple, easy and cool. It helps you save on time and stay focused while browsing from top to bottom, from left to right. It bridges the gap between users and the information that they are looking for just in a click. Hard to believe? A professional designer can make it believable.

Happy user experience

Have your shared your experience of the last vacation trip? Yes. Why? Of course, the trip was mind-blowing. It is possible only when weather is pleasant and the destination is charming. One page website promises the same experience that your target users will have and share with others. Single page web design is all about the beauty of creativity and innovation that everyone appreciates. Information is just a click away. What can better than this user experience?

Quality, quality, quality

If you prefer quality over quantity, then single page website is the platform to exhibit your experience. If you have only one child, he or she will get all your attention. The same happens to single page webpage design which extracts and absorbs all your creative juice in form of thoughts and ideas. Only an experienced designer can shape your creative thoughts into a work of art.

Feel safe and at home

Multi-page websites including blogs, e-magazines and news portals are like crowded cities with a complex network of roads, streets, lanes and alleys. Don’t you feel like being lost? Opt for one-page website if you don’t want your target audience to experience the same. A single page web template is one key implementation. No headache about how to direct the user from where to where.

Low-key maintenance

Small house or building – which one is it easier to keep clean?  The former.  The same holds true about the maintenance of a single page website. Making a change or adding a feature is a lot easier than that in case of multipage websites.  The maintenance is hassle free.

High speed, fast loading

Empty truck or loaded truck – which one runs faster? Empty truck is a fast runner. Single page websites are just like it.  It is sure to leave multipage heavy websites behind if you count the downloading time. Fast loading means users can visit your website in a very short time. What more? Reduced bandwidth means reduced cost.

Smart Google ranking

Single page website design promises a good SEO benefit – high search engine ranking. The link popularity of a multipage website is distributed among the pages, thereby reducing chances for the home page to rank high. A single page website is all in all and stands good chances for good search result page ranking in Google. All the link juice will be concentrated on that page only.