Web Designer Sacramento

For businesses that don’t have much content to share, a single page website is the ideal bait to get new clients. Even those looking for a short-term solution or with budget restraints can benefit from such websites. In today’s age where new websites are created a dime a dozen, many consider a single page layout to be the best way to hold the ever-shortening human attention span. If you too are planning to get a one page website designed, make sure that your web designer knows the intricacies involved to help you get your money’s worth.

Here’s a checklist for designing a single page website that an experienced web designer should adhere to:

  • Seamless user experience: Not all single page website design techniques suit all types of markets. After all, a law firm single page website would be very different from that designed for a real estate firm. Therefore, you should have a clear idea about what your clients’ visitors need the most or what will motivate them to respond favorably. Also, knowing what type of devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets etc) they will use to access the webpages is crucial. All these insights should be kept in mind to create the website that’s just right for your clients’ business.
  • Right placement of information: You shouldn’t cram too much of information about all your clients’ products or services on the one page website as this will create confusion for the visitors.The trick is to showcase the most powerful and relevant messages prominently to your client’s target customers. When done the right way, this will influence more visitors to take actions such as purchasing a product/service that your client offers, subscribing to a newsletter, filling a form or giving your client a call.
  • Focus on SEO: SEO plays an important role in internet marketing for business. Therefore, you should use proper title tags and optimize the image ALT tags apart from including social sharing and voting widgets. A clean layout that can be easily navigated by a click of the button (think parallax scrolling), fast loading time, proper use of background, foreground and text color etc are other important criteria to implement. The ideal thing is to opt for a minimalist design that implements important SEO elements to help the website rank high in SERPs.
  • Visually attractive: Whether you use graphic elements and transitions to initiate discussion on an important issue, use parallax scrolling and amazing transitions/effects to create a visually stimulating effect, or use ‘wow’ navigation for a unique user experience, your website should be visually attractive and interesting to entice your visitors and encourage them to spend more time on your one page website.

So, keep this checklist handy when you hire a web designer to get your single page website created.