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There is a debate on the usability of single-page websites for businesses and professionals. Such questions as “Who are the target users of one-page websites?” “How does a website like this make an alternative to regular websites with multiple pages?” are still unsolved to many. I attempted to solve the unsolved and answer the unanswered in an illustrative manner.

Single-page websites for businesses

Of course, a single-page website helps businesses with an illustrative presentation online. If you deal in one product or two, this sort of website makes a creative display of the product or products. Can you deny the aesthetic appeal of a page-full display? Just imagine the impact of a page-long product with a punchy copy (content). Only one expression, “WOW”!

A practical example –

Single-page websites are good alternatives to multi-page websites, in case of small businesses. You have a small resort business in a hilly area or a beach destination. The resort itself is the product that you want to feature, advertise and promote on the Web. Why not take some high-resolution pictures of the resort, make a collage of the pictures, and use it as the background of a single-page website for your business?

Visitors will be all smiles to catch the glimpses of your holiday resort just at a glance. It is just like the picture of a bloomed garden that is more beautiful than the pictures of individual flowers. It does not require visitors to go to the gallery and navigate from one photo to the other. Isn’t it an innovative approach to hitting the jackpot?

Single-page websites for professionals

It helps professionals too. Single-page websites are cost-efficient solutions for non-techie professionals and the professionals with budget limits. A website is an online display or presentation of your business, product or service. To say in precise terms, a website is an interface between a platform and a portfolio. If you go by this definition, a single-page website is just for you.

A practical example –

If you are a painter, you can get the best of a single-page website for self-promotion. Of course, you don’t want to upload virtual images of all your paintings to the website. If you do so, it will require dedicated hosting which costs a whopping amount. Besides, can the real-life feel of large display of paintings be captured on the virtual space? A work of art is not like the photographs of your last holiday trip to be shared on social media.

Click a high-resolution snap of the best painting of yours and get it featured like a canvas on the entire background of a single-page website. Then, power it up with a brief compelling note and your contact information.  If you desire to get all your paintings noticed online, create a gallery on Flickr and upload the virtual images to the account.  Then link it back from the footer of the website. So simple!

Give a thought to these ideas of mine. I have many such ideas about the usability of single-page websites to share with you. Why not get in touch with me?