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We all know the SEO benefits of guest blogging which primarily include link building, traffic generation, etc. The latest Google updates and guidelines have put the value of guest blogging under speculation. Natural guest blogging and paid guest blogging are overlapped due to a fine line of distinction between them. Some guest blogs lack quality and high standards, because of which they look spammy in the eyes of Google. The search giant considers them as paid links to gain traffic and views.

How to make guest blogging look natural and avoid being in the Google’s red eye is a key question with SEO practitioners. Recently, Google’s distinguished spokesperson Matt Cutts has cleared the doubts about guest blogging and made it clear how to guest blog naturally for your website. He specified the differences between natural and paid guest blogging practices obviously.

Paid guest blogging to buy links is often irrelevant and low quality. The subject of blog posts often does not match the blog niche. Such blog posts are stuffed with off-the-track, low quality content, and filled with keywords. The volume of keyword-rich anchor text in the content of paid guest blog posts is high too. Paid guest blogging is more frequent than natural blogging.

So, then how to do guest blogging naturally so that it seems to be aligned with Google guidelines? Relevance and quality are important parameters of guest blogging in a natural way. Blogging by an expert with authority in a niche is natural and serves the purpose. Niche-specific guest blog posts must be written by an expert in the niche. It retains originality, authority and authenticity by the author. The blog posts which meet these parameters help to connect with the target audience in the target niche.

It may be difficult to keep up with quantity and quality at the same time. Often, quantity and quality go in opposite directions. With increasing quantity, quality goes down. Matt Cutts advises to reduce quantity and boost quality. One quality link is better than ten links which seem paid and spammy. Quality blog posts require research on the chosen topics and a study on the blogging niche. Guest blogging in moderation serves the purpose. Stuffing your blog with so many low-quality guest posts is not recommended at all.

If a brand offers discount on purchase of its products throughout the year, the offer loses its appeal to customers. The same is true about guest blogging. If you practice guest blogging more frequently, it will not help to build on the reputation of your website in Google.

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