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This article is continuation of the discussion on common SEO mistakes in web design. It also emphasizes the role of professional web designers who design search engine friendly websites. 

Improper video embedding

Improper video embedding is one of the great mistakes in web design from the SEO viewpoint. These days, most business and non-business websites are publishing video content as part of their content marketing strategy. Many ecommerce portals embed short product video clips to their product pages. It helps with audience engagement and potential customers take informed buying decisions. Search engine bots cannot read custom Java media players. Adding to it is improper embedding of videos, which does not help with search engine optimization.

Use of pop-ups

To say precisely, using pop-ups is a big no. Pop-ups are no favorite of search engines. Search engine bots do not favor these undesired design elements. Pop-ups leave visitors annoyed. Most of us close a pop-up the moment it appears. The websites which display pop-ups earn displeasure of their target audience and potential users. Search engines do not count pop-ups as part of the design of a website. If the use of pop-ups is a requirement of your website, make sure to place them in a corner of the display of the website so that they are visible and visitors are not annoyed.

Geo redirection

Geo-mapping is a great feature that most of multinational and multi-language websites integrate. These websites’ geo-redirection option is an automatic function that tracks the user locations and detects the languages of their desktops. Accordingly, these websites display their content to the geo-specific users. Though it is a great user-friendly feature, it hurts the SEO health of websites. Redirecting away from the home page works in an anti-SEO way. The best solution to this SEO issue with multilingual websites is the manual selection of locations by users themselves.

Improper use of H tags

Heading tags are effective SEO elements. It not only helps with the visual emphasis of important sentences or messages but also impacts the SEO score of content and web pages. There are H1, H2 and H3 tags. Each of these tags has their own importance in SEO terms. The proper use of heading tags is a must to amplify the SEO value of your content and the website. Make sure to use the right and relevant keywords in the tags for better results. Using H tags just for styling purposes is a design mistake without any SEO value.

Overuse of Flash

Flash is a highly attractive design element with visual appeals. But, search engines improperly index them. Flash helps little with search engine optimization. That is why it is not recommended for navigation and content-rich websites. The use of Flash depends on priority for visual importance or SEO health. Search engine optimization experts recommend use of HTNL5 in design. Google and other search engines can easily index HTML5 design and content.