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A School Website is a virtual brochure. It needs to be designed and developed with complete attention to details. School websites must be informative, interactive, engaging and multimedia supportive. The integration of new-age multimedia features and the development of user-friendly functionalities require an advanced web development technology that only experts have command over. Here is a basic discussion on School Website Development with focus on essential features.


A testimonial section should be linked from the home page of school websites. The testimonial part helps promote schools among the parents of potential pupils. Some of the testimonials must be displayed in a stream on the home page itself. It helps build a positive image of the school.

Now is the digital age. In the digital times, communication depends on interaction. School websites must integrate a platform for the target users to interact with each other. Such a virtual platform facilitating interaction among users is referred to as a community. Virtual community development is part of the school website development process.

Virtual community

Professional developers use the cutting-edge technology to develop and integrate a virtual community ensuring the ease of accessing the features of the community. Sharing, commenting, rating and linking are some of the essential features of interactive communities.

These days, virtual communities serve other purposes than interaction, to say exchange of study materials or resources in digital or multimedia forms. The basic framework of communities must be compatible with high-end multimedia technology. It will help support the visibility and sharing of PDF files, video clips, etc. So assign the development work for your upcoming school website to a web development expert.

Multi-tier navigation structure

A school website is all about the display of information, sought by pupils and their parents, in a seamless manner. The model and technology, deployed in the development of school websites, must ensure the seamless display of information through the well-structured navigation process. Designing and developing the multi-tier navigation framework of a big school website is a herculean task which is best mastered by an expert professional from the web development niche.

A search bar is the most important feature of the navigation framework. Then come the main menu and categories and sub categories. Each layer of the structure must be defined well to ensure smooth functioning of the overall navigation process. If a school website is supposed to provide study materials in downloadable PDF files. Navigation to this section from the home page must be pointed out with a specially designed button.

Video for virtual tours

Nowadays most visitors wish to take a virtual tour of schools. Though they go through the “About” section of the school on the school website, a video of the school is the best complement. A short video featuring the school campus, playground, science laboratory, library, canteen, classrooms, conference, auditorium, etc. must be integrated to school websites. This new-age multimedia feature helps engage potential visitors with the featured school.

Picture gallery

Moreover, picture gallery is a must have. It will display the pictures of school functions, events, picnics, concerts, etc. Browsing the pictures should be a convenient user experience. A pro web developer knows which technology makes a good picture gallery.

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