Role of Website in Branding

In the current decade of the 21st century, branding has got a different definition. Advertising in the electronic and print media is no more enough for branding in present times of social media and other online marketing channels. These days, guest blogging, press release marketing, social media marketing, blogging, video marketing, infographic marketing, etc are the most popular branding strategies. These can be described as online marketing practices as well. However, all of these branding strategies return on investment of time and money more efficiently through a website. If a business website is the apex of all marketing and communication practices, branding goes higher and higher.

Guest blogging is one of the traffic-generating branding strategies. Many powerful blogs and online publications welcome insightful articles. You can indirectly promote your business through quality articles which you can contribute as a guest author/writer. Guest blogging serves the purpose of branding when the contributed articles are linked back to your website. Some of the readers of those blogs or publication would like to know more about your business or brand. Where will they go to find you if the contributed articles are not linked back to your website?

Press release marketing is another powerful arrow to shoot for branding on a greater scale. Press release writing is no less effortful and strenuous than news reporting or news article writing. It takes another round of efforts to get a press release published. Some PR websites accept free submissions but the reach is limited. Paid submissions to high-level PR websites get maximum exposure through wider reach to journalists, editors, and bloggers in relevant niches. What is the point in taking pains to craft a powerful press release and paying to get it published if the press release does not direct to your business website?

With popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram supporting video materials, video blogging/marketing is the need of the hour for branding. Though YouTube is the first to have initiated product branding through video marketing, Facebook and Instagram videos are trending these days. It takes professional expertise and knowledge to make videos for social media and target audience. How will you do branding further if there is no destination for the traffic from social media videos to go? Evidently, a website is a great branding need.

Don’t get later if you have not yet discovered the power of blogging and tapped into its potential for branding. Blogging helps with branding in multiple ways. It helps to brand business through the power of association with the influencers in your niche. The virality of a well-maintained blog goes far. Blogging and branding go hand in hand. The more influential is your blog, the more recognized is your brand. Blogging helps with audience engagement through relationship marketing too. More, all your offline and online marketing collaterals can be linked to your business blog for further branding and communication.

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