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Today, a holistic marketing plan is a mix of social media and traditional media. Social media is not so expensive as traditional media and gives measurable results, which helps to accentuate the efforts towards promoting something and building a brand. Engagement with target audience in real time and reaching out to them on the platforms that they use are the secrets of brand-building, be it for a professional or organization or product. Social media is the only real-time platform to reach out to and engage with your target prospects. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest are the biggest digital markets giving exposure in the web world. Hope, the following quick facts will convince you about the potential of social media,

  • 86% of marketers recognize the role of social media in success of businesses
  • 75% of marketers report increase in the volume of traffic and the number of leads
  • 89% of businesses use social media as a medium of marketing to get exposure

Your stand fewer chances to become a brand if you are not searchable on the Web. Presence on social media makes you searchable and accessible too. It is because social media is the only place where you can make friends and followers across geographies. It is the very first way to reach out beyond your location and limits.

Social media profiles without updates are like a place without anything to see. Like headlines of daily newspapers, you need to get noticed and draw attention by updating your social media profiles with the latest happening in your niche, by helping your followers out with useful tips, by sharing your views on the latest events, etc. It is described as thought leadership which you can efficiently do on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter are suitable for those who are short of time. LinkedIn has its own publishing tool “Pulse” which you can use to establish yourself as a niche-specific leader by publishing in-depth articles here. LinkedIn Pulse is an emerging platform to get your voice of authority heard.

Relationship building is a need of brand-building. Online community management helps with relationship building. And, social media is the right place for community management. On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can create a group of experts or join groups of experts in a specific niche. Do interact with them and engage with them from time to time to build relationship with them. Exchange views and thoughts with them to keep the group updated. Thus, relationship building through community management will help you to establish yourself as a leader or brand with authority.

A brand is what people talk about, keep in the mind and relate to. To become a brand, you need to get noticed, heard and talked about. Brand-building on social media requires a strategic plan. Get a social media strategy from a digital marketing and branding expert.