Web Designer Sacramento

Building a brand or business or identity is a continuous process. The very first step is to buy domain and hosting space. Then the second important step is to have a website designed by a professional website designer. You must be familiar with the basic features of a startup website irrespective of the purpose. The four basic aspects of a startup website are discussed below:

Which platform or system to build your website on? It mainly depends on the function or purpose of the website. If you need a website to dish out information, an open source content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal is the best choice. If you need a website to run a product-selling business online, the website must be built on an ecommerce friendly platform, to name Magento, OpenCart, Shopfy or WooCommerce. These are some of the best software solutions for ecommerce or business websites. If you have decided on the functionality or purpose of the website that you need, make sure to choose the function accordingly.

If your website is an online business medium or business platform, there is a lot to do besides having it designed and developed on a system. You need to build it as a brand, which will give your business an identity to be recognized by the user. Brand awareness or identity is one of the keys to success for an online startup business. A logo on one side of the homepage of the website is not the only brand identity. The overall website from content to images and colors must be identified with your business as a brand. Deal with a professional web designer to get brand awareness infused into each and every aspect of the website.

Most of the Internet users belong to the mobile generation, the generation of mobile device users. The mobile Internet users have already outnumbered desktop users. That is why more and more websites are going mobile through responsive design. Whether your website is an information-rich e-magazine or an online business platform, make sure to target mobile users as a group of potential users or customers. Responsive design is the only solution to make your website display itself according to varying screen sizes of different devices. Websites with responsive design equally cater to mobile device users and desktop users.

If you think that you have installed a WordPress theme or any other CMS theme, added a few graphic elements, uploaded some content to the about us page and you are done, the ball is not going to roll. Every facet of the website from design to graphics, images and content is crucial for success. The visual properties – images and content – of a website must be engaging. Content must be relevant and useful; images must be graphically eloquent; homepage must have clear navigational routes to the other pages; call to action buttons must be inviting. All these make a complete startup website for a business or non-business purpose.