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How many people do you see carrying and using laptops on the move except high-profile executives? I am talking about the mass, not a section of society nor a group of people. Take a look around and you will find students and office goers busy using their mobile phones. Surprised? It is no surprise. It is today’s common scenario which is going to sweep the market in coming days. To mention must, the Gen Y is mature enough to browse the Web on smartphones. Texting is passé. Mobile web browsing is the trend now.

Why am I being vocal about the use of mobile Internet? It is simply to make you understand the benefits of having a mobile website for your business and its optimization for optimum mobile display. The multiplying number of mobile Internet users is not the only reason why you must opt for mobile website optimization. There are several other advantages too.

Improved user experience

Improved user experience is one of the advantages worth considering for mobile website optimization. Browsing mobile websites on handheld devices is a better user experience than browsing a desktop website on the same mediums. After all, impression and satisfaction count.

Fast and efficient loading

Designed for mobile devices, websites are fast in loading. Needless to mention, fast-loading websites are efficient in browsing. Mobile friendly websites offer optimal download speed.

Good SEO performance

Mobile websites are good in performance on search engines. Of the search engines used in the world, Google and Yahoo are mobile friendly. The SERP ranking of mobile websites improves fast in these major search engines. There are many mobile web directories where mobile websites can be added for search engine mobilization.

Competitive advantage

A good mobile web design ensures competitive advantage over competitors in the market. If the mobile version of your website is designed in sync with the dos and don’ts for mobile web design, it will competitively stand out in the market. Only good design is not enough to enhance competitiveness of a mobile website. It must have a catching display and that too in alignment with mobile screens.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is the latest avenue to be explored for marketing and promotion by mobile website owners. It is a very good opportunity for m-commerce (m for mobile) portals to reach out to the target audience among mobile users. PPC ads have gone mobile. Make sure that the landing pages of your website are optimized for mobile too, before going for mobile advertising. Landing page optimization is recommended for good ROI.

Time efficient & cost effective

Mobile web development is more time efficient and less expensive than mobile app development. Mobile web development is not restricted to one particular platform, whereas different applications are developed for different platforms. Evidently, the latter is a time-consuming and expensive procedure. Apps are required to download for access while no such requirement is involved in case of mobile websites. However, mobile website optimization is a feasible approach for 360 degree mobile presence.

If the advantages of responsive / mobile web development and optimization are not clear to you, or you have any doubt, feel free to get in touch with me for a consult.