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Responsive web design is in demand. It is gaining popularity day by day. It is a craze with upcoming websites. It is being hugely recommended. Hope, you are curious to know what makes responsive design a choice for the upcoming generation of websites – personal and professional.  Out of my market study and survey, I have listed the following reasons for why to use responsive web design.

Websites with responsive design have mobile adjustability

Seamless compatibility between your website interface and the screens of mobile devices is one of the reasons for using responsive design. The interface of websites with responsive design will adjust to the varying size of the devices which the websites are being browsed on. You may not need a mobile version of your website in particular, to facilitate its viewing to mobile device users. Responsive design is the only need of the website to be viewable across mobile devices of different size. It streamlines a website’s adjustability and correspondence to the screen size of any device.

Websites with responsive design are easy to crawl

Websites which are easy to be crawled and indexed by the search engine bot are preferred over other websites in Google. Note that websites with responsive design are easy to be crawled and indexed for Google. If you are investing in search engine optimization of your website in Google, the benefit in terms of traffic and ranking will double up due to responsive design. Responsive design not only makes websites easily adjustable to mobile devices but also helps with search engine optimization.

SEO is easier for websites with responsive design    

If you go for a mobile version of your website, then SEO efforts will double up – one process for the general version, and the other for the mobile version. Double effort means double investment. Mobile SEO is a bit different process from the regular SEO that is done for most websites. A website with responsive design means only one version which requires only one SEO process to optimize and promote the website. In this case, you can concentrate all efforts including keyword selection, keyword use, link building, content writing, etc. into one SEO campaign. To be precise, SEO is easier for websites with responsive design.

Responsive design makes it easier to update websites 

Having more than one version of your website makes it difficult to update the website on a regular basis. A website with responsive design is the only one version which is easier to update. Responsive design makes your regular tasks easier.

If your curiosity about the usability of responsive web design is not satisfied, do get in touch with me. I am available to address your queries.