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I upheld an insight into the changing scenario of the web world in the last article titled “Five upcoming website design trends 2014”. This article is a discussion on the other four web design trends which have been incepted in 2013 and are going to evolve in 2014. Responsive website design is the most important of those trends.

Video backgrounds implementation

Websites with video backgrounds are gradually coming into prominence alongside websites with large image backgrounds. The issue of page loading speed put a stop to implementation of video backgrounds in the framework of websites. Browser compatibility limitation was another reason. Development of websites with video backgrounds has been possible because of new browsers’ capability of playing videos seamlessly. Video backgrounds add zing to the design and content of websites. Professional web developers can best implement video backgrounds as support to the design and content of websites.

Fixed headed bar for dynamic navigation

It is a challenge to design websites with seamless navigation. With fixed headed bar at the top of the browser window, it has been possible to meet this challenge. This trend in contrast to the static position of menu bars in the headers of websites is going to evolve in 2014. The headers of websites with static menu bars have become a passé. With scrolling down, the menu bar would remain at the top of websites, and it made further navigation difficult as users were required to scroll back to access the menu bar. It is annoying in case of browsing long web pages on the screens of mobile devices. The menu is accessible for effortless navigation due to the headed bar fixed to the browser window. It ensures seamless navigation experience.

High resolution screens for phenomenal viewing

Apple’s Retina Screens of iPad, iPhone and MacBook devices have put websites with high resolution graphics in demand. Computer and mobile device users of the Gen Y are in love with high resolution screens for improved viewing experience. Websites with high resolution interface give an extraordinary viewing to the users of iPhone and iPad devices. Though the technique will take time to gain momentum, it is sure to hit the jackpot in 2014.

Responsive websites for mobile users

The need for websites with responsive design has been felt in 2013. With the number of mobile device users going up, this need is going to be implemented in a large scale, in 2014. Responsive design makes it possible to view website content on any device – mobile or tablet or desktop – with the same ease. In the case, several different versions of a website for different mediums or devices are not required. Because of responsive design, website content fits into the varying screen sizes of mobile devices making it a pleasure for users. The particulars of responsive web design have been discussed in my previous articles. It is better to skip the repetition here. I would again emphasize the role of skilled designers in designing responsive web templates. 2014 is going to be the year of responsive website design in the web world.