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Website design has become a more complex task since the need of mobile web design emerged. Complexity of the task lies in achieving simplicity in the design of interfaces for mobile device friendly websites. The simple solution to this complex problem is responsive web design for mobile websites. Among the desirable features of responsive design for mobile websites, here are a few which are sure to go a long way in the year 2014.

Look big, See big

Most of the mobile device friendly websites boast of being big and bold in text. Yes, the big and bold text of mobile websites dominates the screen to appear clear and readable. The screen-dominating font size of text defines the look and feel of the content of the websites. This approach towards designing mobile device friendly websites is to going to stay in 2014.

Fit & stunning images

Image and text go hand in hand when it comes to presenting the message of websites visually. Visual presentation of the message to the mobile device users is often a concern with website owners. Pairing of big text and large image helps mitigate the concern. The images must be stunning in visual quality; otherwise they get overshadowed by the oversized text. They must fit into the screens of mobile devices.

Content in motion

If your website is all about a product presentation with visual and textual highlights, why not add motion to the presentation? Many mobile websites have cashed in on the trend of combining bit texts and bold images in motion. Mobile device users on the go, love seeing animated images or images in motion. It adds another dimension to the content of websites.

Video with storytelling

Storytelling is the latest feature of mobile websites. Storytelling is a highly illustrative presentation of content on the web. Many designers are implementing this trend as a ploy to make websites fetch attention. Video is the greatest storytelling element. It makes the website content unfold with scrolling of the page. Storytelling is out and out a creative approach designing user interfaces, which creative designers can best dish out.

Content simplicity

Short and simple content is the trend that is to go a long way in 2014, especially with mobile websites. It takes a lot of patience to read a full-page content on the mobile device screens. This approach towards targeting the mobile user audience is a distinct departure from the practice of stuffing web pages with content. User interfaces with brief content and call to action have outdone the interfaces with a muddle of content. Simplicity is the latest rule of engagement that best defines the mobile user experience.