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A little debate on the importance of responsive design is going on. Responsive design holds a lot of important. It is evident from the increasing number of mobile device users who use mobile devices or tabs when on the move, and work on laptops at workplace and in home. Recently, the CEO and Founder of Facebook invested US$ 16 billion in acquiring Whatsapp, a very popular messaging application for mobile devices.  So, no doubt, responsive design is going to stay for a long time.

Image quality vs Image number or size

Be it visual or text, professionals always prefer quality to quantity. When it comes to designing a responsive website, image quality is many times more important than the number of images. What is the reason? It is obvious that a low quality image does not appeal to the visual senses, no matter whatever the size of the display or the medium is. Be an image large in size, it does not work if the quality is low. A website with large images takes time to load on mobile devices due to the limited bandwidth of mobile Internet.

Tip – Professional web designers know how to make websites with images responsive to mobile devices. A skilled designer can strike the balance between the image quality and the load time of websites by scaling the CSS height and width dimensions of images. He can do so by ticking all the boxes of responsive setting while incorporating images.

Responsive design vs Mobile design

Many confuse responsive design with mobile design. Responsive websites are the sites which respond seamlessly to both – desktop browsers and mobile browsers. Websites with responsive design synchronize themselves with the display size and resolutions of user devices. These websites offer the same user experience irrespective of the varying sizes and resolutions of the devices. Websites with mobile design are the sites which are exclusively designed for mobile devices. These sites are friendlier with mobile devices than desktop devices.

Tip – Do convey your requirements to the web designer according to you target audience. If the number of mobile device users is many times larger than that of desktop users in your target groups, you had better go for mobile website design. Or else, responsive design is an all-time recommendation for websites which are supposed to cater to different segments of users.

A little talk on responsive design

One particular font type may not be appealing across all different devices. It may appeal to the visual senses of desktop users but may not please the mobile device users. Typography is very important in responsive design. Line length is the most crucial feature of responsive typography. The font is smoothly readable only if the line length is customized or optimized in sync with the width of the screen of the target display medium. In case of mobile devices of smaller screen sizes, space is the most important aspect of typography. Many websites maintain a line space up to 140 % of the screen size. The range of 35-50 characters is suitable for mobile devices, while the ideal line length for desktop websites ranges between 50 and 75 characters.