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The average time in case of using smartphones for different purposes is four times longer than that in case of using desktops and tablets for the same purposes. Smartphones equipped with multi-purpose mobile apps are more powerful than desktops. With more and more mobile apps available for ultra convenience in the market, the generation is switching to smartphones. Evidently, your target audience will not remain out of the influence that the trend to go mobile has generated. So, mobile version of your website is a need of the hour.

More and more businesses are turning to mobile device users who go on a shopping spree even when they are on the move. Leading online market analysts have already predicted that mobile is the future of business development and marketing. Customer engagement with brands is increasing on the mobile platform at a fast pace. It has made mobile optimization a need for business websites. You can go for either mobile optimization of your existing website or a new mobile friendly website to revamp your business.

These days, download of mobile apps counts a whopping number of 154, 000 every minute. It bears out to the growing importance of mobile platforms for both offline and online businesses. People are using mobile devices to find out the best retail shopping deals, cheap flights, affordable tour packages, etc. online. They use mobile apps to find out the location of restaurants, hospitals, clinics, super markets, etc. If you are looking to target this audience and woo mobile device users for business, mobile friendly website design is one of the solutions.

The other solution is responsive design. Responsive design is more useful and more cost-effective than mobile web design. Mobile friendly web design is suitable for only mobile devices, while responsive web designs fit in different devices of different sizes. A responsive website gives the same look and feel across devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Responsive design strategies deliver better results than mobile friendly design strategies.

Mobile SEO is required for optimization of mobile oriented websites. Mobile SEO is different from usual SEO for websites. If your website has two different versions – desktop and mobile, you need to invest in two different SEO campaigns – one for the desktop version and the other for the mobile version. It costs extra bucks. As responsive design is all-in-one version, there is no need of different SEO campaigns for different website versions. Evidently, responsive design is more cost effective than mobile design.

Responsive design has a few other advantages over mobile design. Feel free to get in touch with me for a free-wheeling chat on the advantages of responsive design for your business website.