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Responsive website design and development is the talk of the web town these days. It is the web trend in 2013. Many views and thoughts of experts on this topic have been and are being published. This post has summed up five important tips on how to make a responsive mobile website more responsive.

 Focus on the focus

Mobile visitors don’t want to swim across a sea of content on the screen of mobile devices. They want to check only what your website is all about. If they find themselves lost in a labyrinth while browsing websites, they will never tread the same path again. Make sure to keep the main thing in focus so that mobile visitors can find it quickly and easily. Review the content and remove whatever hinders their movement.

The focus should be on the value proposition of your website. A statement illustrating your objective or explaining what your product or service is all about refers to the value proposition (VP) of a website. It also communicates the message to the target audience.

Make CTA buttons stand out  

It is said that we despise the near and feel drawn to the far. The opposite of this statement is applicable to the mobile users who mostly rely on mobile Internet for web activities. Something that looks large and appealing on the screen draws attention. Keep it in mind while having the CTA (call to action) buttons designed for your mobile website designed. Make sure to leave no need for visitors to zoom in on the CTA buttons. CTA buttons covering a fairly large space on the mobile screen make users feel like clicking on the buttons.

Make mobile websites look entertaining

It is boring to read simple text on mobile devices. People, when on the move, love to be entertained more than be working. Today’s push-button generation hang on their mobile device when they on the move or on the fly. Make sure to get your mobile website an entertaining look with images and videos. Multimedia rich mobile websites promise a good user experience. Streaming media elements never fail to grab attention and convey the intended message to the target users. That is why food blogs and travel portals appeal to the visual senses.

Small form pays value to users’ time

No one likes one-side communication. Do you? Filing up the contact us form online is a tiresome one-side communication for many. The longer the ‘contact us’ form, the more tiresome it feels. Make sure to keep the ‘contact us’ form as small as possible on your mobile website. Otherwise, it will slow down the mobile conversion process. Review each of the fields of the form to evaluate the necessity. Keeping it short for mobile devices pays off by many times.

Let users decide what to read

Online product pages with expendable content features make mobile-friendly ecommerce portals. Proper categorization of content is a must for the smooth user experience of websites on mobile platforms. It helps mobile users get or find what they need exactly. Fleeting through the reservoir of content and looking for product reviews will surely irritate them. With tabs, they can choose what to read or what not.

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