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How many times do you open your desktop or laptop to visit surf Internet, visit a website, check the email, see the latest movie trailer, buy an essential product, to book a flight, or book a cinema ticket? We are no more in the habit of checking internet on desktops or laptops for such needs after mobile phone has empowered us with portable Internet. It is not difficult to define the use and power of mobile Internet in day-to-day life. It has given rise to our growing reliance on mobile websites too. Apart from common mobile users, businesses also benefit from mobile friendly websites.

Accessibility is the greatest advantage of a website being mobile optimized for business. Mobile-friendly websites offer lots of accessibility irrespective of place and time. With the far-reaching penetration of mobile Internet, businesses can reach any corner in the targeted geography.

Mobile optimized or mobile friendly websites come with great download speed which does not keep users waiting. Thus, the users do not go out of patience, and the user experience is enhanced.

Mobile users carry their mobile devices for instant geo location facility. They can find the whereabouts of any business using geo-specific mobile application while traveling to a new destination. Mobile optimized business websites help a lot in this respect.

Mobile optimized business websites integrate click-to-call options which mobile device users can better utilize by just pressing the button. This facility of mobile friendly websites streamlines instant contact between businesses and users.

We often get used to what we see or hear or experience again and again. It is a key to brand establishment which helps target audience identify a business. If your website offers reliable information with quality content, users will bookmark it on their mobile devices for easy identification and access.

There are 205 million mobile Internet users in USA alone. India is expected to outnumber USA by March in 2014. With the increasing number of mobile users in both developed and developing countries, mobile advertising is on the rise. Mobile friendly business websites can easily target this platform for ad promotion.

It is only because of mobile usability that online retail businesses are thriving. Mobile device users have got into the habit of shopping online every now and then, or whenever the product catalogues of eCommerce portals are updated. Why not try this medium for your business growth?

Desktop websites are not easily navigable on mobile devices. It is troublesome to navigate from one page to the other of usual websites for mobile phone users. Only mobile optimized websites are easy to navigate on the screens of mobile devices. Navigation of mobile friendly websites is utterly convenient.

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