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Today, the world has become a mini blogosphere where one in every five persons blogs about some or other things under the sun. With the revolution of blogging as a trend, blog design has evolved a lot. Many traditional features of blog template design have been replaced with new ones so that a blog can compete with other blogs in a specific niche. Here is a discussion on some of the latest and most popular features of blog design.

Splash header   

Splash header is one of the unique features of outstanding blog template design. It works like an arrow to show which direction visitors should go to. The names of the important sections of a blog on the navigation menu that a header displays are descriptive enough to give visitors an idea of the content that those sections contain. Designers need to make sure that the header has enough space for descriptive navigation menu.

Footer design

Footer is the bottom of a website. If the header of a blog template is the first impression, the footer is the last impression. Why ignore it in terms of design? The footer contains the same links that the header does. Visitors scroll down from the header to the footer where they can navigate to any other page from. This way footer makes content browsing a convenient activity. The better it is designed the more it is engaging. Thus footer design gives a new beginning to a blog whenever the reader scrolls down to bottom.

Sidebar design

A blog is the platform where visitors can read stuff online in absolute relaxation. Blog templates must be strategically designed so as to leave no confusion or misguide visitors. To elaborate on it, the sidebar of many blog templates is cluttered up with so many links of popular posts, recent posts and featured posts, which gives several options to visitors, but may leave some spoilt of choice. It may dissuade visitors from further navigation instead of encouraging user interaction. Strategic sidebar design of blog templates is a key to high-level user interactivity.

Best post slider

A best post slider is one of the user-engaging features of blog interface design. It is a nice way to greet and welcome visitors when they hit the home page of a blog. The slider displaying the best posts is the easiest way for them to hit the best posts instead of searching and navigating across the entire blog. The size and shape of the slider must be in keeping with the blog interface design. Or else, it will look out of harmony with the rest of the interface.

Custom heading

Custom heading is one of the attention-grabbing features of modern-day blog design. Custom heading design has recently undergone revolution. Today’s designers have bidden goodbye to traditional fonts and conventional colors. They are open to experimenting with offbeat font styles and color palettes in order to make custom headings and sub headings draw maximum attention.

Breaking news

If your blog dishes out breaking news, it requires special design consideration. Breaking news is so important item that it must not remain unnoticed. Blog interface should be designed in such a way that breaking news is in focus.

Keep eye to the next article elaborating on other important features of blog design…