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Your blog is your voice. Why be loud to get the voice heard? No matter how loud it is, it may not be heard. Only the right strategy and latest trends work. Blogging strategies and trends are ever-changing phenomenon. Follow and implement the latest to put your blog on the front. I am up with the latest blogging trends out of my ongoing research. Here is a discussion on the same.  

Engagement to get promoted

Engagement with experts in the niche that your business blog is all about is the latest secret to get heard, get noticed and get read. Add an ‘Experts Column’ to the blog and invite industry experts to share the space. Surveys show that people prefer following experts’ tips to trying general ideas. Experts in your business niche have absolute command over the subject, and they write on various topics exercising their authority to ensure accuracy. Who do you trust more – a qualified doctor or a physiotherapist in the neighborhood? More, engagement with experts is a good source of information rich content which will take you long hours to pen down.

Less focus on the self

Narcissism – focus on the self and obsession with the self – does not apply to blogging every time. Is your blog all about the products that you deal in? Do you blog to advertise the products online? Do you post only product images and details? If yes, nothing is wrong. But the reach of such narcissistic blogs is limited. If you are looking to push limits, connect the products with target audience. For example, a restaurant business blog should target the customers who look for healthy dining outside home. If an ice cream brand launches a summer product for children, it should blog on how children crave for respite from scorching summer. Business blogging is exploring the world out of you.

Revive & activate the gold

Make a list of the old posts of your blog which were popular once upon a time. Don’t let them remain idle like sediment at the bottom of the glass. Revive them, activate them and let them work again. How? Work on the keywords that those old posts were optimized with. For example, some of the old posts were about ‘Fashion trends 2012’. Why not focus on ‘Fashion trends 2013’ in upcoming posts? It will help revive the past topics on ‘Fashion trends 2012’. After all, old is gold, and gold is an asset. Its value may fluctuate from time to time but never drops to the bottom

Look catchy to get clicked

What is in a name? There is a lot in a name. When you meet strangers at parties what is the first thing that you want to know about them? Of course, their names. It is followed by what they are, where they live, etc. The same applies to blog titles. If the titles are catchy, the posts are read, the posts are followed. There are hundreds of posts on same topics. Most of them remain unread.  Catchy titles are the only trick to trap readers.  Write catchy, look catchy and read catchy.