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A landing page is a getaway to conversion. Your business landing page or product landing pages need to be redesigned if the conversion rate is low. Low conversion rate means leads are not being converted into sales. The conversion level is directly proportional to the number of leads which in turn increases with the volume of traffic. The flow of traffic may go down if the landing page looks dull. Consult a landing page designer to get a more precise solution.

If traffic is low

If most of your landing pages across the web are linked to your business website, do check how the traffic flow from those pages to the website is. If investment in the design and development of landing pages is purposed to drive traffic to the website, do look hard at the traffic stats of different times for a specific period. The low or lower index of the traffic graph indicates the need to redesign the poor-performing landing pages.

If quality of leads is low

Profitability of a business website multiplies with both quality and quantity of leads from different sources. The landing pages are fetching in a bulk of leads. But, are you happy with the quality of those leads? Are the leads convertible? The look and feel of a landing page influences the quality of leads. There may be several reasons preventing the landing pages from fetching in high-quality leads. It may be the design or content or visuals or call to action button or functionality.

If white space is inadequate

Is the landing page burdened with text? Is the white space on landing pages below than average? Inadequate white space makes landing pages look clumsy, which makes visitors feel suffocated. Do step into the shoes of potential customers and look at the dynamics of your landing pages through the eyes of target audience. Only then you can feel or find if the text is overwhelming. The ratio of white space and the space in use must be in proper balance.

If structure is improper

Is the landing page properly structured? For example, a product landing page comprises of an attention-grabbing headline, a visually appealing product image, an easy-to-read product overview, a contact / registration form and a call to action / submit button. Each of these sections matters to the performance of a landing page. The sections must be properly placed in connection with each other. Minimum white space must be maintained in between the sections. If any element is missing from your landing pages or if the pages lack proper structure, the need to opt for redesign is obvious.

I am a professional lading page design expert with specialization in designing and redesigning business landing pages. Feel free to get in touch with me regarding the design, structure, quality and performance of your landing pages.