Web Designer Sacramento

Are you planning to get a website designed and developed for your real estate business? If yes, it is an informed decision. But make sure to have a fair idea of the essential features and functions that a real estate business portal integrates. Another point to make sure is to get it done by a professional web developer who is familiar with the latest development of real estate ecommerce on the web.

Dynamic home page is the most crucial feature of web development for real estate websites. By ‘dynamic’ I mean vibrant, interesting, engaging and appealing. Studies report that dynamic websites are more frequently visited than static ones. A slider displaying the images of real estate properties in different areas is the most dynamic part of the home page of a real estate portal. However, the home page look and feel varies with clients’ specifications and requirements.

Websites integrating a user-friendly admin control panel to the framework are easy to use for owners. The same holds true for real estate websites. We make sure to give you secure access to the tools of content management by developing an admin control panel and integrating it to your website. Our motto is to make you an independent user by enabling you to upload content, edit images, create new pages, change background colors, etc.

A real estate website is the meeting point of buyers and sellers. The website must integrate different applications for sellers and buyers facilitating their use of the website to a great extent. Developing user applications is part of our web development services to real estate businesses. The search application for sellers and that for buyers are not the same. We provide different two search applications in the sellers and buyers categories, with our real estate website development service.

Property finder, property price checker and property inquiry form are the basic user applications for buyers that we provide as part of our service. We have the skill to develop more advanced applications. We build and integrate additional applications to real estate websites, on demand. Our real estate web development service is user friendly as we make sure to drive visitors to you through the easy-to-fill-in property inquiry form.

‘Property price check’ is a much useful application that a real estate website must have. The functional accuracy of this feature should be ensured by its technical precision. User satisfaction depends on the accurate results that the ‘property price check’ application should return to user queries. We develop this application with functional accuracy and technical precision to ensure high-level user satisfaction to our real estate business clients.

Property listing management, virtual tour and Google map are other important features of real estate website development. If properties along with images or videos and location details in text are not properly listed, it will certainly leave the visitors confused. So, professional web developers take special care of this section that determines the user-friendliness of a real estate website to a great extent.

Virtual tour of a property and Google map of the property location are must-have implementations on a real estate portal in present times when online shopping and online booking are the trends. Each property page with images, Google map, text and video link is a landing page that we design and develop with attention to details.

There are other essential features to be integrated to a complete real estate website. Why not get in touch for further discussion?