Web Designer Sacramento

The potential of a real business website and blog is unlimited. Why not leverage it for high profitability and ROI goals through real estate website design services? First, be educated on the must-have features of business website design and their necessity.

Templates with clear navigation design make user-friendly websites for real estate businesses. Visitors must not be required to navigate a lot for the information that they need. Navigation of the other pages from the home page or interface should be designed in such a way that users or visitors can easily get to know which category or link to click. The buttons of navigation on the top bar must be explicitly highlighted. Keep the navigation network of real estate business websites as simple as possible.

Property listing is the most important feature of a real estate business website. This section of real estate websites lists and displays properties for rent, sale and buy. Each property listed on the website is an individual landing page. These landing pages are what most of the potential customers visit and browse. The pages listing and displaying properties must be designed in more and more user-friendly manner so that maximum visits turn into business leads. Navigation to this section or category from the home page must be very smooth.

Few are left with time to search for the details of real estate properties on desktop websites after a full day’s work. Most of the potential property seekers use their mobile phones to do this homework on the way to and back from work. The more mobile device friendly real estate websites are the more loyal users the websites have. Now is the era of mobile-smart website designs for mobile device users. To say in brief and precisely, mobile optimization of real estate business websites is a must.

Don’t forget contact page when it comes to designing user-friendly websites for real estate businesses. Contact form is the main call to action that most of the business websites have. It must neither be very long nor requires potential customers to spend a long time filling in the form with details. It must be precise and concise, not seeking user information more than what is required.

A real estate business website must integrate a blog as the voice of the company to communicate, connect and engage with both potential and existing customers. Blog bridges the communication gap between the business and its target audience. Your blog can be a good source of information about the real estate markets and industry trends. The customers have the right to information about what is going on in the real estate sectors. Besides, an updated and well-maintained blog helps improve the search engine ranking of business websites. It also helps you stay active on social media platforms. Whenever a new property is listed on your website, post a brief about the property on the blog and link the post back to the property page.