May be it’s time to re-brand your website? – Website re-branding strategy

As we all know, everything changes with time. This is quite applicable to every facet of our lives and even for Digital or Online Marketing. Rebranding is necessary to keep in pace with the constant evolution of the market place. The concept of Re-Branding is of utmost importance for any small company or big corporate organization.

The thought of re-branding can give you a headache. Website trafficking, SEO position, and the overall investment of time and energy would be the most important factors to be worried about. Mergers and Acquisitions or change in the overall vision of a company are some of the common reason for which Re-Branding is necessary. A Re-Branding might not always be successful so a proper Re-Branding strategy is vital. Moreover, a re-brand involves a wise use of resources and expenses.

While formulating a strategy we often stress on the present conditions rather than analyzing the past conditions or future possibilities. There always runs the risk of running out of money or having left with an improper website. A website redesign can completely change your future marketing efforts. A brand name is what matters the most. It would be completely wrong to ignore the concept of re-branding just because of the expense and the time constraints involved. An open investment can help you be successful in the near future.

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We often find it difficult to find out the perfect time to consider Website Redesigning. Here we have some of the points to know if it’s the right time to re-brand.

  • If your growth or traffic falls down all of a sudden.
  • If you are providing new services.
  • If you are entering a new market or dealing with a new set of customers.
  • If your website and logo design are too old compared to the current trend.
  • If your level of competition has changed significantly with new competitors in the market.
  • If you want to improve your business.
  • If you are finding it difficult to attract new customers.

The Reasons for a website re-brand isn’t the same for all. However, the most common reason is creating a brand name and generating revenue.

Perfect Website Re-Branding Strategy

  • The first step of re-branding would be to analyze your current website performance right from the beginning. Some of these include checking the number of visitors, leads, bounce rates, SEO performance, inbound linking domains, traffic for specific pages. There are a number of tools available to help benchmark such metrics.
  • The working of your website is equally important as it looks. It should be completely clear if you at all need a website re-design. An increase in the overall performance of your website and revenue generation with the least faults and bounce rates is what everyone desires. Once you are sure about your goal discuss with your team or design agency.
  • Proper planning is what comes next. You should decide if you want a Website Re-Design or change the content. SEO should be one of the key focused areas to be ahead in the competition. Re-branding is the perfect time to have a check on your missions and messaging. So make sure you formulate a clear and concise vision for the customers to understand.
  • Make a complete list of the resources you need to bring about the changes. Form a team of experts who are specialized in each of the domains that you are planning to improve or change. You may even consider consulting with re-branding experts who can provide you the best suggestions.
  • Try to know your customer’s requirements. Re-branding is the best time to fill out all the loopholes. A visitor should easily be able to relate to your website. Make sure your content and services are good enough and as per the visitors level for best responses.
  • Remind your web designer to update the critical pages of your site and audit so that you don’t lose what you have gained this entire time. Sharing your strategy with your team can improve your entire task.

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