Why You Should Hire Professional Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

Landing page design for online marketing is a concern with many businesses. There is nothing to be concerned about if landing page design is entrusted to a professional designer who knows what best works for online marketing. The following is why to convince you the need of hiring a professional landing page designer for your business:

Call to action is the most business-critical component of landing page design. The more the call to action stands out from the rest of the design, the more easily it gets noticed. If a landing page with a white background has a good amount of grey or black text, a black or white call to action won’t be contrasting enough to provide the desired visibility. With a brief copy and a fair amount of white space, a big call to action button in black or white would be visibly impressive.

Color selection for each and every component of landing page design requires the best of a landing page designer. The right palette of colors can elicit an emotional response from the audience. For example, orange in its pure shade can generate positive feelings among visitors. It can be a good choice for the call to action button. That is why professional designers having knowledge of online marketing take the psychological impact of colors into consideration before making a color choice. Call to action button should be contrasting to the background in color. It should be too overwhelming to be overlooked.

Design of visual indicators in landing pages is another important matter of consideration. A visual indicator is mainly used to direct the user attention to the focus of a landing page. It can be an arrow or a pathway. It guides visitors the right way and helps them to be on the track. Design, size, placement, and color of visual indicators are the factors which need a serious thought for high impact. You can trust a professional designer for marketing with the visual elements of your business landing pages.

Background of landing pages requires the same treatment with care. White space is the most important subject of discussion when it comes to optimizing the impact and harnessing the power of background. White space is nothing but an area with blank space on the background. It is just as a room with decent furniture and a fair amount of empty space gives a good feel. White space, though a blank part, is given immense importance to highlight the call to action as a standout feature among the components of a landing page.

Landing pages should be designed in such a way as to make them look active. Social proof is one of the ways to achieve this effect. It benefits by adding believability to the purpose of business landing pages. It gives visitors the impression that others are interacting or have interacted with the pages. Social proof can be the number of social shares or e-book download or registration for webinar or product presentation or testimonials.


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