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Many think that website design is all about aesthetic look and feel. They may not be right when it comes to designing business websites. There is difference between professionally designed websites and aesthetically designed websites. This article illustrates the difference with a few examples to make it clear for you.

Usefulness vs Design

Usefulness of a website is more important than aesthetically appealing design. It is crucial to map out the way a website is supposed to work for its target groups and market. Do map out the functioning before picking a server. It helps business websites in particular, from two standpoints – users and search engines. Mapping out the functioning refers to website structure which varies depending on its supposed functioning in a specific niche.

Dream vs Professionalism

There is difference between the website you dream of and the website you need for a business purpose. Some designers often claim to provide a website after your dream or desire. However, it is not a realistic approach. Here does a professional business website designer go in a different and the right way. He does not blow a hot air by promising to design a website after your dream that does not match a business website in professional look and feel.

Example 1

Take for example a marketing business website that screams about offering services with out and out professionalism. If the design of the website itself scores poor in professional look and feel, it may not able to win the trust of potential clients from different professions. To be precise, menu is the main thing that the target visitors of a restaurant website expect to see. If the menu section of the restaurant website is not designed professionally, the website will not be as impactful as it is expected to be.

Example 2

A professional business website must feature a few necessary things as part of its information section. Customer or client testimonials are a critical part of the information for any service-based business website. If you have already done business with a few clients, collect testimonials about your service from them, and add the same to your website. Make sure to get the “testimonial” section integrated while having a business website designed.

Example 3

Website design for marketing and branding businesses need more efforts than mere service-based websites. If you are into marketing and branding, integration of a ‘testimonial’ section to the website information structure is not enough. The website should provide potential clients with access to the case studies of the marketing and branding campaigns that you have conceptualized and executed till date. It will add to the trustworthiness of your business.

Example 4

The same applies to the business website of a wedding planner, for another example. You might have planned and managed, at least, two or three wedding events. Of course, you have had the photographs of the weddings. Get a gallery of pictures integrated to your upcoming website for the wedding planning business. It will help you with the marketing and promotion of your business further. It may fetch you proposals for wedding event management and planning.