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Web 3.0 has revolutionized the online world for businesses. The unlimited potentiality of Web 3.0 technology which is yet to be explored and leveraged has empowered businesses for competition in different segments of the industry including web design and development. Here is a brief discussion on some of the most popular trends initiated by Web 3.0.

Data intelligence is a business-critical need for organizations. It is the key to brainstorming and implementing marketing strategies for business growth. Data intelligence refers to the statistics of how a website is performing, how the landing pages are performing, how target groups are interacting with the main pages, how visitors are acting on the website, where maximum views are coming from, how call to action tabs are working, etc. Web 3.0 technology made online data available in real time. Real-time data made it possible to identify the need of revising the existing strategies and ideating new ones on a daily basis. Web 3.0 based social networking tools and mobile applications have streamlined the process of mining or generating data in real time.

Personalization of online content is one of the revolutions brought in by Web 3.0. It has made addressing consumers’ individual needs through a more relevant content possible, which online marketers are tapping in for more target audience engagement. Web 3.0 has also introduced dynamic content delivery to help marketers identify what individual consumers are looking for and the ways to serve them. Web 3.0 content is dynamic, versatile, and compelling. It has empowered businesses market their various products based on a potential consumer’s browsing and buying patterns. It is a lot easier to know which type of content maximum potential customers are comfortable with, using Web 3.0 technology. They are delivered various types of content based on this insight. Thus, a more relevant user experience is defined to connect businesses with their target audience.

It is Web 3.0 technology that helped discover the potential of geography based marketing. Local search mobile applications and geo-location based online marketing tools are powered by Web 3.0 technology. Delivery of content combined with the information of a geo-specific location helps with the marketing of products or services to potential customers of that location. It has been facilitated by Web 3.0 based social networking applications. Integration of social networking with geographic location based marketing through deployment of Web 3.0 has made the web environment more interactive and engaging for online consumers. It has gained immense popularity in the global travel industry. Online travel agencies are cashing in on it for business growth and development.

Personalization of content on the basis of a customer’s personal details ensures relevant user experience for the customer. It has put the privacy as well as security of customers’ identity details and personal information at stake, which is a concern. Some Web 3.0 technology powered tools have mitigated this concern by facilitating the application of a single digital identity across the Web. This digital identity provides online users with the single key access to web-based resources.

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