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Personalized marketing content or content personalization, as a key to achieving high ROI, is in vogue.  Catering to the needs, addressing the problems and appealing to the likes of target groups is the focus of the content personalization trend in the marketing field. I personally don’t like to go through the generic message of emails that, from various sources, fill my inbox. Personalized content clicks with the target audience and engages them with your business, irrespective of the medium or platform. here is my refection on how you should leverage the magnetic power of personalized content to get the best of an email marketing campaign.

Conversion is the most desired benefit of using personalized content for marketing. Your marketing message should be tailed to a personal level so that the recipient can connect with the message. Personalization of content is crucial to ensure the efficacy of email campaigns. Marketing emails must not be a direct selling approach or sound like a gimmick. Keep away from being generic in the voice and appeal of your message to potential customers.

Tips – 

  • Personalize marketing emails with first names of recipients and addressing their needs or problems with the services or solutions that you offer.
  • Check the industry or niche that the recipients belong to, before sending marketing emails to them. It helps evaluate the relevance of your product or service in their niches. Once it is found relevant, make sure to align your objectives with the possible needs of the target audience in the message of emails.
  • If any recipient reverts back to you, it is a sign of possible conversion. Make sure to send a follow-up email thanking the recipient.

The conversion process should be a smooth ride. Any technical flaw or inefficiency may prove to be a stumbling block for potential customers. Define the entire conversion process in some simple steps which are easy to take. Amazon is the best example to site in this context. Its one-click purchase is the hassle-free conversion process. Whether your conversion goal is to get your product sold or an e-book downloaded, ensure convenience of the process for the users.

Tips – 

  • Think from the users’ viewpoint, how many steps you would like to take for a purchase or a sign up or registration. It helps personalize the conversion process for them.
  • Simplify and personalize the sign-up or registration form for regular customers. They won’t find pleasing to fill up the form with the same details every time.
  • When you send a marketing email to regular customers, make sure to update them about the latest offerings, instead of letting them look for the same.

Content personalization helps address the specific needs of potential customers. Everyone has a specific desire, a specific need and loves a specific thing.  A food lover may take a fancy to any cuisine of the world, but he prefers to binge on a specific cuisine, to say French cuisine. If you offer him some French delicacies, he would be heartily glad. If the offer is any other delicacy, he might take interest in it. The former offer appeals to his passion. The same holds true for any kind of marketing campaign.  It helps generate buzz on the target medium or platform and leads as well.