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This article is continuation of the previous “Most Popular Features of Outstanding Blog Design”. It highlights some other important features of exclusive blog templates and elaborates on their usefulness.

Author bio

Nowadays, every blog post or article displays an author bio. With Google giving importance to authorship of content, author bio has become necessary. It is meant to relate readers to the author of the posts or articles that they like. It helps with further engagement and interactivity with the blog. Evidently, author bio design is one of the important features of blog templates.

Twitter and RSS count

Great blogs not only read great but also look great. They display their Twitter and RSS count to give an impression of their content popularity to new visitors. The display of Twitter and RSS count should be designed subtly so that it can arrest attention and compel the reader to share the blog post that they have gone through or about to read. It gives a personal touch to blogs, and adds to their greatness.

Background image

A background image or collage adds to the impressiveness of look and feel of blogs. Featuring a theme-based or niche specific image or collage in the background of blogs has become a trend in the blogosphere. Almost every blog does it, but a few stands out. The background image or collage should aesthetically be designed so that visitors feel drawn to the blog rather than being distracted. After all, gripping visuals pay off.

User comments

User comments on a blog post help to drive the number of views and the level of interaction high. One user’s comment influences other users to leave their comments, thereby leading to a discussion. A good font style for the comment section draws attention to existing comments on a post or article. Commenting is a kind of response to call to action in case of product reviews, critical articles, etc. A little tweak in the font style can make comments stand out.


If you are looking to earn from sponsored advertisements on your blog, design is a consideration to make advertisements draw clicks. Sidebar is the main place to display advertisements. Advertisements must fit in the design of your blog template, and must not be in stark contrast of colors with the template. A little contrast does wonder to get advertisements noticed and hits.

Customization is the key to outstanding blog template design. Customization is the only answer to the challenges of competition in the blogosphere. If you are looking to have a blog with an exclusive look and feel, make sure to get it customized by a professional designer who has creative sensibilities when it comes to web designing.