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Magento has recently gained momentum as web developer’s choice for eCommerce development. Magento is dynamic, versatile, functional, feature rich and SEO friendly platform which can be accessed, controlled, and edited by the owner or authorized user. An experienced eCommerce developer can best work on Magento to ensure the following benefits for the user.

Magento platform comes with a single-key access to control the eCommerce store. It ensures the flexibility of modifying content including text and images. Editing the content and controlling the functionality are the most flexible features that Magento platform packs in. The same makes it user friendly to a great extent. With Magento platform, you can update the content of product categories on your eCommerce portal every now and then.

Magento platform has a robust architecture with strong framework integrating several useful applications. Meant for various purposes, the applications are easy to use. Most of the integrated applications and tools are customizable making the architecture suitable for custom eCommerce development. Customization facility and flexibility facilitates Magento development process a seamless one.

Of the available Magento editions, the most flexible, reliable and feasible are Magento Go and Magento Enterprise. These most used Magento editions come with a number of extensions adding to the feasibility of eCommerce store development. Hire a Magento developer to get the best of these editions for an upcoming retail e-store.

One of the benefits of using Magento is that more than one eCommerce portal can be created with one Magento enterprise edition license. It is easy to develop complex product catalogues on Magento based eCommerce websites. Third party apps can easily be integrated to the Magento architecture that, in turn, makes online stores more dynamic and versatile functionally.

If you are looking to operate your eCommerce business on the global front, Magento is the ideal platform. Magento supports two essential features – language translation and currency conversion – depending on the countries around the world. It facilitates growth and expansion of online retail business on the global platform. Navigating from one catalogue to the other, from one product page to the other on Magento commerce websites is a smooth experience.

If you are targeting mobile users as potential customers for your online retail store, Magento is a mobile device friendly eCommerce development platform. Magento makes it possible to develop mobile friendly store front. An experienced Magento developer can make eCommerce websites mobile friendly on this platform.

Magento based eCommerce websites are SEO friendly. Search engine friendly customization of titles, descriptions and URLs is a great benefit of Magento platform. Magento gives the control over customization facility. Some user friendly reporting tools come packed in with Magento architecture. The performance and progress of your eCommerce website can be tracked on regular basis using the integrated reporting tools.

Magento platform offers some analytical tools to test the functional well-being of eCommerce websites developed on it. There is no issue with the security of retail e-stores on Magento. Magento integrates many other useful features that large eCommerce websites require. A good eCommerce developer with working knowledge of Magento can develop a feature rich Magento eCommerce portal.