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Online customer support is a business-critical duty of not only product sellers and e-retailers but also every website owners. It is website design that integrates the features of online customer support. Here is a discussion on HOW:

The navigation of a website is indirectly associated with online customer support for a business. It is your duty to take care of how customers are served when they are on your website. If a website integrates many features and pages, navigation is a most important factor to improve upon consistently. The navigational routes of websites must be designed in such a way that customers do not face any hitch. Make sure to check periodically if the navigational routes are properly functioning.

Online customer support also relates to how customers are guided and engaged from entry to exit. On top of all, it influences the conversion of a visit into a lead. Each of the navigation points plays a role in converting a visitor into a customer. Each navigation point supports and serves the needs of customers. Evidently, navigation design is directly proportional to online customer support and conversion.

The process that drives a customer to make a purchase on your website adds to online customer support. Search for a product on a website, refinement of search, display of products, product descriptions, similar production options, etc. – all play a critical role in online customer support which works upon conversion level. Each navigation point drives the customer to the next point, and thus they land on their pages.

Proactive customer service is a great customer support online. It also depends on how a website is designed and developed. So business websites must proactively be designed. Proactive customer service means that customers are not required to explore a website for the content that they are looking for. Rather, the website should present the desired content to them. It is exclusively applicable to product based sites including retail shopping portals.

Customers are not supposed to put in extra efforts for reaching out to the page or product on your website.  It is the website that should make the page or product available to customers through search box, categories and breadcrumbs. The display of product categories is important too. Customers get to know from the display which category contains the product that they are looking for. It is one of the efficient ways of serving customers.

“Sharing is caring”. If you want visitors to share content of your websites with their friends across social media, you need to care for them by placing the options to share at the right place. It is more applicable to the mobile device users who browse websites on the small screens (compared to desktops and laptops). Social media sharing icons or tabs should be appropriately placed so that mobile devise users can easily notice them. Thus you can provide or ensure online customer service by getting them what they are looking for.

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