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Though social media has become a ruling platform for online communication, email plays an important role in digital marketing campaigns. Email marketing still retains its place in promotional campaigns, business communication and customer engagement if it is not contest-based social media marketing for branding. Marketing emails are not just plain text. They entail HTML design.

Email communication design is akin to a plain webpage design. There is a distinct line of difference between email design and web design. Email marketing is not as privileged as other online marketing types. Email marketing facilitates direct communication with the target audience of a business unlike web marketing and social media marketing. That is why it requires keen attention to design.

How appealing should email design be? It is not just a curiosity but a concern with most businesses. Most of the days, we find that our email inbox is full of marketing emails from different known and unknown sources. We tend to overlook most of them. We check a few only for a fraction of a second. The user attention span is smaller for emails than for websites and social media. Evidently, emails for product marketing and business communication must be designed addressing the most critical areas with intensive care.

With the evolution of technology and media, there has been a revolutionary change in the way email marketing and communication is done. Email marketing design has undergone lots of development from desktop to mobile. When it comes to conceptualizing and designing email marketing campaigns, many things like the user attention, the user device, and latest mobile apps are taken into consideration.

The beauty of emails would matter a lot when desktop was the prime user device. There is no point in spending lots of time in designing emails as beautiful as possible for mobile device users because mobile devices do not display graphic-rich emails properly. I don’t mean to say that design of emails is no more important. Responsive design is the key to precision of email design for the mobile generation.

Responsive design facilitates display of emails in keeping with the varying screen sizes of mobile devices. If the display is not proper or precise, most of the users are likely to delete marketing emails from their devices. There are two solutions to email marketing and communication for mobile device users. One is designing very simple emails, and the other is creating responsive email design. Simple email designs are easy to code, while responsive email designs take complex coding.

But designing emails in responsive manner is more practical than the simple approach. It is because responsive emails easily fit in and easy to read on smaller screens of mobile phones. Responsive email designs can resize themselves to be precisely seen and read on larger screens of desktops and laptops. There are several things to keep in mind while taking a responsive approach for email marketing and communication designing.

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