Web Designer Sacramento

W3c Compliant xHTML and CSS is all that it takes to make a typical static Web Site, come to life. But it’s not that simple as its sounds. It does need some teamwork, between the web Designer/Developer and the respective Client. If the coordination between the parties are in tandem, the result turn out to be fruitful but not necessary successful as both the parties are human.

In today’s trend though we often say that before we start a web assignment we do a lot of analysis and planning, but practically it starts with the quote. ” What’s the price?” a common question in general round the globe. Well, you get what you pay for, so, don’t go with the lowest quote as the money you pay is still your hard earned money, what ever the figure might be. So, choose logically, do give some importance to work quality, mastery, consultation and not to mention the maintenance once your job gets done.

With great web design comes great response, well, not exactly, as SEO has a major role to play. Not only optimization but online publicity is needed equally. You should always remember that Content is the King, so, do prepare a good copy of your website content if you are planning to launch a site of you own or for your organization.

Step 1: Answer the following questions:

1. What is my Goal?

2. Why I need a website?

3. Who are going to be my target audience?

4. What kinds of information should I publish?

Initial groundwork that helps to reduce web designing and development time line.

1) Have a soft-copy of your logo or company identity. If you don’t have a soft copy, then prepare one from a pro.

2) List out the items or the pages that you will require.

3) Prepare the text copy for the website, if not, get some professional help.

4) Get a domain registered along with a server space, I would suggest that you should consult a professional if you are not that techie.

Last but not the least, try to choose your technical associate not on the basis of Price but on Skill.

I would like to thank you for your visit to my blog and if you are in-fact thinking to built or redesign your site for better marketability and exposure, don’t hesitate to contact me