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Practically, it is not easy to create a frame which will hold the content of an entire website. With everything going mobile and changing browser standards, design has become critical for content-rich websites. Without being mobile and browser friendly, any content intensive website may face a threat of going in the wilderness. Only mobile-friendly design can save. It is advised to be sensitive to the look and feel of each page of a website. Some pages may contain only text, while some pages may have only visuals.

Why has mobile friendly design got so hyped? Why is mobile friendliness a priority with everyone? It is all because of branding of products and services among the mobile users whose number is increasing. The far-reaching penetration of mobile phones from tier 1 cities to tier II and tier III cities has made the marketing unit of organizations target the demography of mobile users in their respective niches. Once upon a time, mobile phone was a luxury. Now it is a need. This portable communication device has become essential and available to everyone, these days. Evidently, every website owner is looking to target this group more and more.

One of the keys to the success of YouTube is the video sharing site’s popularity among mobile users. The growth of YouTube thrives on the increasing number of mobile device users. They are in the habit of watching YouTube videos while on the move. The trailers of upcoming movies get thousands of hits in a few minutes of their launch on YouTube. The trailers are not only watched but also shared across social networking sites. Thus, the video marketing of a new product or movie gets a huge exposure through mobile phone users.

Mobile phone users contribute immensely to viral marketing. When the marketing unit of an organization posts the latest ad of their product on Facebook, it gets liked, commented and shared in no time. Nowadays, mobile phones come with integrated social networking apps which give seamless access to social media channels. Many mobile phone users stay logged in to their Facebook and Twitter accounts most of the time, to catch the latest updates in the stream of feeds. Therefore, every business website owners are going mobile with the design of their websites to do mobile marketing.

Content design planning is very important when it comes to mobile marketing of a website. Suppose, a particular product page is the landing page of your business website. What a landing page is needs no more introduction (check the previous blog posts). You would like mobile users to hit upon the most important section of the landing page with marketing content. The landing page must be designed in such a way so as to draw the user attention to that section. So, the placement of content must be in line with the mobile user behavior that an expert mobile web designer takes into account.

Hope, this discussion on why mobile-friendly design is so hyped has convinced you about the need of mobile web design service for your business website.