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Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia.com and TripAdvisor.com are the biggies in the global travel and hospitality industry. Why did I mention their online presence? It is primarily because they operate their business online though they have physical base. The majority of their customers are online shoppers whom they sell their travel and hotel packages to on the virtual marketplace which is accessible via mobile internet too. It means that the greater percentage of their online customers is mobile users.

Recently, Boking.com, a global online hotel booking portal, has won the Amadeus Mobile Achievement Award for its impactful service to the customers who are mobile device users. Hotels.com ranked second, Expedia.com ranked third and TripAdvisor.com ranked fourth on the list of achievers in terms of their mobile friendly service. These giant corporations invest in mobile technology to compete with each other, to do more business on the mobile marketplace and target more mobile-using customers.

Hope, you understood why I referred to their mobile-friendly services. It is to highlight the usefulness of mobile-friendly websites for businesses in any niche. Going mobile for a business is worth an investment considering the increasing number of mobile users. If your website does not have its mobile version, give a thought to my suggestion.

With eCommerce taking center stage in daily life, the number of online shoppers is on the rise. Product based businesses are going online to operate in the eCommerce market and target internet shoppers. Mobile shopping is the latest trend, as mentioned above. If your business deals in a product, take it online with a mobile version of the website. Without the mobile version, you will fall behind the competitors and your business will not grow. Therefore, mobile friendly eCommerce website with accessibility to mobile device users is highly recommended by online business experts.

Mobile friendliness is a pressing need for everyone having a product based business or a blog. If you have a travel blog, which group is your prime target – the group of readers who browse websites on their desktops or laptops while sitting on couch, or the group of those who surf mobile Internet while on the move? If you target only the first group, your reach is limited. If both the groups are your target, the reach is infinite. Today’s backpackers carry nifty gadgets (small, compact and delicate) to travel light. They use tabs or smart phones while traveling. Hope, no more need to elaborate the advantage of mobile friendliness over the lack of it.

These days, IT professionals hardly get time to plan a weekend trip in advance. The thought of having a weekend holiday comes unexpected to most of them. They book car rental service and hotel accommodation using their smart phones in the eleventh hour – either just before leaving for the trip or on the way to the destination. If your online hotel booking or car rental booking service portal is not mobile friendly, they are not able to reach you and avail your service. Who is the loser, they or you?