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Innovation and customization are the pillars to support an online retail business in the competition-driven eCommerce industry. With evolving marketing trends and techniques, the eCommerce niche has a long way to go. The trends such as localization, mobile integration, video product demonstration and online payment security enhancement which have already been put in place need to be magnified through stronger focus. This post is an answer to ‘Why’.

Localizing business in local markets

After globalization is the time to go local in marketing. Localization of a website does not only refer to presenting it in different languages in different geographies. Localizing a website means giving the website a local look and feel in color, theme and service. This trend has proven to benefit small businesses. If a regional market is your target, localization will help you connect emotionally with the potential customers in that market. The people of a region get easily drawn to what they identify with. Thus localization helps generate revenue from local markets.

Mobilizing businesses

Online businesses will survive even after computers become extinct. But online businesses cannot go ahead without mobile integration. With mobile Internet dominating the generation since 2011, mobilization of online businesses is a pressing need of the hour. Mobile integration of websites through iPhone applications, iPad applications, Android Applications and BlackBerry applications is crucial for eCommerce businesses.  The Gen Y loves to be at work and shop even when on the go. Mobile marketing campaigns require mobile integration too.

Focus on online payment security

The mobile generation of the decade consists of debit and credit card users. Online shoppers are smart enough to make payment online. More and more customers are switching to online mechanisms for payment. With online payment gateways growing popular among retailers and shoppers, stronger security is the focus. Integration of safer payment options will result in more reliability and enhanced shopping experience. Online financial transactions will multiply in number. With more focus on security of online payment, eCommerce retailers will be able earn trust of potential customers. A good developer will help integrate payment options to eCommerce websites and ensure security too.

Product video integration

Responsive design is the buzz in the eCommerce world. Responsive design does not refer to using images only. The definition of responsiveness keeps changing with changing user experience. Quality conscious online shoppers like to view a product from different angles before deciding to buy it. With video blogging as an emerging trend, product videos are likely to replace mere images very soon. Product demonstration videos are gaining hits on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Videos better capture the glimpses of a product from different perspectives than images. Video integration is the latest eCommerce marketing trend.

Let content play an important role

Content still has an important role to play, whether it is eCommerce or any other business. A small piece of powerful content is replacing full page-length content. In eCommerce businesses, punchy briefs complement the description of products. There is no alternative to words that describe a product. eCommerce content strategies need to be focused more.