Why Mobile-friendliness is the need of the hour for Business Websites

Business Website – According to a recent announcement by Google, mobile-friendliness of a website will produce a significant impact on the mobile search result pages from April 21 of 2015. It is not hard to decipher what the big tech giants want. They have an overt wish and attempt to make things easier for the growing flocks using the internet on their handsets to get quick access to the websites optimized for the small screens.

Mobile internet users are rising in number at a blistering pace. More than 1.5 billion users browse business website on mobiles. That figure is spiking up. If that does not encourage you to develop a mobile-friendly website, Google’s recent announcement could be the big push for you to go ahead.

Reality Show

Despite our being ushered into the mobile-era of internet use, businesses are slow in showing enthusiasm in the uptake of making mobile-compatible websites in respect of what rapid growth of mobile web demands. The more unfortunate fact is even some elites throughout the world are yet to adopt the mobile-friendly way of website making.

Mobile-Friendly Website – What is That?

The advantage of mobile-friendliness is not restricted to the most touted fact that the websites can be viewed on the handsets. There are more to it! A mobile-friendly website is designed to fit the smaller screens and facilitates navigation through the features and functions via large-size touch screen buttons. Such websites display contents – both textual and graphical – according to users’ requirements.

Be the Leader, Not a Follower

Just because several big guns are yet to switch to a mobile version of their conventional websites never means that you should follow them and wait until most of the business owners jump onto the bandwagon. A mobile-compatible website is a gateway to reach millions of users who find it more convenient to surf the internet on their handsets.

Usage of smartphones are common these days, it is not hard to imagine how developing a website that can easily fit into the small screen size of mobiles will benefit your business by receiving more traffic. As per statistical data, only 2-10% of websites are designed while keeping the mobile users’ interest in mind. And it is not surprising that the petty percentile figure drops when the heavyweights are excluded from the list.

It is more likely that you will find none of your business website competitors own a mobile-friendly website. By having one such website of your own, you will get an opportunity to stay ahead of the packs. As per research, bounce rate for non-mobile-friendly websites ranges between 85 to 90%. That could result in a loss of traffic by 10-25%. Instead of adopting a ‘wait and watch’ approach about what your competitors do, be the first one to have a mobile-savvy website.

Final Word

Being the first in the race has several advantages needless to mention. You will see a significant surge in traffic and that will, in turn, will push up your sales. It’s better to embrace a responsive website that fits all screens and browsers. With it, you don’t need to invest for a version of the mobile-savvy website as one will fit your purpose and also help you cut loose on your additional expenses for making different sites for different platforms.


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