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The web design world witnesses changes through emergence of trends every year. Minimalism is the latest trend that makes websites user-friendly. A departure from complicated websites, minimalism also enhances user experience. There are different approaches towards achieving minimalism in web design.

Needless to say that flat design is the latest web design trend in 2014. Though flat design is a departure from drop shadows, gradients and 3D graphics, it uses large typography and bold colors which arrest the attention. Recently, Apple and Microsoft, two of the biggest tech giants, have implemented flat design. In websites with flat designs, most of the design elements are consistent, not in contrast with each other. The page layout is free from clutter. Important design elements including icons and buttons are as flat as possible.

Deliberate use of whitespace is another way to perfect minimal web design. More and more websites are leveraging the power of whitespace to look appealing. One of the benefits of using whitespace in right proportion with positive space is to make the user stay on the page and leave little room for distraction. It ensures minimalism and perfection. The best example of maximum whitespace use is Google Search page. The whitespace of Google Search page is purposed to make the user use the search box for their queries. It highlights only the search bar.

Bold typography is another aspect of minimalism in web design. Bold typography on a clutter-free page adds a new dimension to the design. It looks as beautiful as a diamond locket with a gold necklace. A very important part of webpage design and landing page design, bold typography helps the brain to read a message in no time. It defines distinction between primary content and the content of secondary importance. Bold typography of fonts makes text easily noticeable and readable. It plays the role of vibrant design to some extent.

The use of colors in patches is a minimalist approach towards designing for the web. The visitor finds it easier to distinguish between the most important and the less important on a web page or the home page of a website by means of the colors used in small patches. The main areas of importance are easily pointed out in this way. It not only streamlines the look and feel of websites and landing pages but also make them appear clutter free. Professional designers judiciously use small patches of colors to bring in simple but powerful design effects.

One of the ways of ensuring minimalist web design is limiting the number of design elements. It is mostly recommended for B2B and B2C websites including e-commerce or online shopping portals. The fewer are design elements, the fewer are chances for distraction. It highlights the call to action on a product page or a landing page, and helps with lead generation through conversion. Thus, less choice is another fruitful approach towards ensuring minimalism in web design.

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