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How to make landing pages perform better in terms of conversion is the thought on every mind. Increasing the number of landing pages for a single product helps increase the conversion rates. But what raise the level of conversion per landing page? This post is the best and most feasible answer to the question.

Magnify the main text

With so many things to do in a short time, the attention span of Internet audience is decreasing day by day. It is impractical to expect them to go through a page full of information. They would prefer leaving the page unread to looking for the substance amidst so many words. Design the landing page in such a way that it helps visitors locate the central point. Address what the target audience needs through bullet points, bold letters and sub headings in the textual content of the landing page. “Brevity is the soul of wit” applies to keep the text short and simple.

Contrast colors to fetch attention

What draws your attention when you walk down the street or drive through markets? It is posters and banners with color contrasts. You can apply the same while designing landing pages in order to make them attention grabbers.  If the landing page is a product sales copy, make the product page look bright in colors. It is only color contrast that makes “call to action” buttons easily noticeable. The contrast of colors should be pleasing enough to direct the attention to where you wish.

Brandify landing pages with logo

Logo is the first and foremost brand identity of your business and products. Make sure to keep the logo at the right place on all landing pages so that the logo gets noticed easily. Though logo is not the focus of the page, it helps visitors identify the page as part of your business. Using and placing the logo rightly is critical to connect new visitors from search engines and social media with the landing page and its matter. All landing pages must have the logo at the same place.

Visual clutter – a big No 

Not being extravagant in using visuals is safe for conversion of clicks on the landing page. Using too many visuals across the length of the landing page may sound great. But the truth is that it repels the visitor from the landing page. Graphic visuals are always attractive but too many spoil the game. Besides, pages with many visuals load slowly. Slow-loading pages do not help with customer satisfaction and conversion. So, say a big ‘No’ to using too many visuals.

Formatting has a role to play

Formatting is the secret behind good-looking landing pages. The landing page and its content including textual as well as visual must be formatted professionally to harmonize fonts, styles, design and look. It shapes up the lay out and makes it look great. Formatting landing pages is as important as trimming the bush. Formatted pages are visual-friendly and stand good chances for high conversion.